WandaVision’s mid-credits scene offered a lot of potential for Monica Rambeau, but which comic scenes would work well in Captain Marvel 2?

Captain Marvel 2 got much more interesting with the surprising mid-credits scene in WandaVision’s series finale Monica Rambeau has a new mission to Westview that will take her into space Since her path is destined to intersect with Carol Danvers, there are a number of great comic book scenes that would be great to see in the movie

Monica has had many great moments over the years as Captain Marvel, Photon, Spectrum (and many other names) She was the leader of the Avengers, an interdimensional fighter, and so much more. Not all comics will work in the context of the film, but they could provide a foundation for great on-screen moments

Monica and Carol are practically family members in the MCU, but they first met in the comics after The Thing introduced them to the Avengers.She joined in training with the team in Avengers # 227, and that’s where she met Carol for the first time

That awkward introduction – Carol had been the partner of the original Captain Marvel and he had not died long before – could set the stage for an equally difficult reunion at the MCU. There is a certain tension between Carol and Monica that the film is sure to explore becomes

Monica is unlikely to take the name Captain Marvel in the MCU – though anything goes – which means she’ll have to pick a new one of her code names, Photon, was her mother’s callsign in the Air Force, which seems very likely , although she is just as likely to choose Spectrum, which is more in keeping with her unique powers

Carol and Monica had a fun, if charged, debate over who would keep the Captain Marvel name after Carol unilaterally adopted it in 2012 after being Marvel for several years

As indicated by the end of WandaVision, Monica will be working closely with Skrulls going forward that has roots in the comics.She worked with the Skrulls during extended periods of time with the Avengers in space, in Avengers # 259, Monica gathers the team to the aid of the Skrulls devastated by the Space Pirate Nebula

Nebula is, of course, a member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy and reformed, but there could be a possible crossover between the Skrulls and Nebula in the film. Monica could also appear in Secret Invasion, the series starring Nick Cage on another famous Skrull comic story based

Monica Rambeau has many unique powers in the comics.She slowly discovers them in WandaVision, but in Captain Marvel 2 it would be great to see Monica reach her full potential in the comics, Monica discovered her ability to fly gradually as she did Obtained superpowers in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 16 in October 1982

Her powers have always been a source of joy and discovery for her, and a great moment in the movie would be for her to find out the whole flying thing for the first time

Monica’s SWORD outfit is reminiscent of her newer black and white-themed superhero costumes in the comics, but it probably won’t be her last outfit.A great moment from the comics for the movie would be for Monica to finally change into her true costume

Historically, she has kept the star pattern as part of her costume so it’s likely there.If she carries over the SWORD color scheme, it probably looks a lot like her late 2000s-era Mighty Avengers costume

With the news that actress Zawe Ashton will play the villain in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2, there is much speculation about who could be the villain of the movie Ashton could play any number of Marvel villains from the comics, and although it’s unlikely is that she will play Genis-Vell, he could be in the film in some way

That would be great because his battle with Monica over the Captain Marvel coat is one of her standout moments, Mar-Vell’s son battled her for the name she doesn’t have in the MCU, but their duel would be a good one Way to establish their powers and a new villain

The Captain Marvel 2 villain could go in different directions.One possibility is Kang The Conqueror, who fans know will appear in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania while Monica fought the time-traveling Marvel villain the story of Kang’s War, which ran through Avengers # 41-55 in 2000 and 2001

During this time, Monica is assigned to a space surveillance station and leads the attack against Kang’s base of operations. She helps liberate the world after Kang successfully takes over Earth

The Multiverse is sure to have an impact on the fourth phase of the MCU as Doctor Octopus and Electro move into Spider-Man: No Way Home that could somehow manifest itself on Captain Marvel 2, too, with precedents for Carol and Monica that fight in the multiverse – they did it in the 2015 Secret Wars story

Monica is actually trying to prevent Earth-1610, the Ultimate Comics version, from bumping into the main Marvel Earth-616.She was ready to completely destroy it, and would have done it if she didn’t notice a group of kids that were still on the otherwise deserted planet

Monica and Carol seem to have some problems to solve, but hopefully the movie ends with them resolving their differences. One of the greatest moments in comics of late has been during the Civil War

Carol led a faction of Heroes against Iron Man in a battle over the use of Precogs to preventively fend off threats. Monica was on Carol’s side in the fight, and stood by her when the battle got out of hand and even to Death of Bruce Banner, the Hulk, resulted in

Monica’s powers are enormous. She can convert into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum, including cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, electricity, and more. She can use and manipulate this energy with no theoretical limit Moment in the comics is when she burns herself out in Avengers # 291

She exhausted all her strength after a massive burst of energy and lost her abilities for some time. With the help of Reed Richards, she was slowly able to learn how to maintain her strength even after a high effort

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