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Eniko married Kevin in 2016 and has stayed by his side ever since – here’s everything you need to know about the funny man’s wife

Before that, she was an aspiring model and actress from Baltimore – but never landed any high-profile jobs

According to The Things, Eniko participated in a TV series called Rip the Runway that aired on BET in 2013

“I have descended from heaven on earth. Welcome to the world baby girl. We can not love you more”

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, she said: “Child No. 2 in the midst of all this, we are counting our blessings and cannot be more grateful! Soon to be a family of 6! # glowingandgrowing✨”

In May, Eneko is spotted cuddling her baby bump while wearing a pink scarf of her gender at home shown alongside their two-year-old son Kenzo, and the children of Kevin Heaven and Hendrix with his ex-wife, Tori

In the caption, he wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day for this beautiful woman the wife of my & We love you enikohart We are happy with the arrival of our child A family of 6 WOOOOOOOOW !!!!

“God is incredible We are fortunate to have you in our lives, all I can say is thank you, dear. ”

A few weeks before giving birth, Eniko shared a video of herself doing exercises, wearing leggings and a mustard bra.

“On this perfect day I chose to make the most perfect decision,” Kevin said in the video of the proposal shared on Instagram, to which Eniko commented, “I said YES !!!!! to the coolest man in the world”

The couple walked the aisle in Santa Barbara on August 14, 2016, exactly two years after their engagement

The comedian, 40, has two children – Heaven, 15, and Hendrix, 13 – from his first marriage to actress Tory Hart.

The couple welcomed their son Kenzo Cash Hart in 2017 and the proud father announced the news on Twitter

Kevin’s tweet reads: “God is really cool Kenzo Cash Hart was born at 1:45 am He’s in good health & is really smiling Thank you all for your prayers !!!! We love & Appreciate #Hertz

God is Really Wonderful Kenzo Cash Hart was born at 1:45 am He’s in good health. & is really smiling! Thank you all for your prayers !!!! We love &; appreciate the Oh #Hertz

In the Hart documentary on Netflix, Kevin Hart: Don’t F ** k This Up, the comedian revealed that he cheated on Eniko – whom he married in 2016 – with a model in December 2017 when she was pregnant with their son Kenzo Cash.


However, Kevin Iniko described her as “the most powerful person in the world” who demanded that he needed to get better if they decided to stay together

He told The School of Greatness podcast: “I came to an amazing conclusion which is,“ I like the fact that we have a family, and we have a family, and I like the fact that we now have a job to do to be better. This is what you owe me to do. / p>

He added, “It was not a walk in the park, but I understood that we do not allow the outside world to influence what is inside us, and I credit her with setting this tone.”

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