Zosano Pharma Corp (Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN)) is active Tuesday morning, and the stock climbs 3731% in pre-market trading to 265

The short-term technical value of ZSAN of 99 shows that the stock traded more bullish than 99% of the stocks in the market last month.In the biotechnology industry, which occupies 72 of 146 industries, ZSAN is above 99% of the stocks

Zosano Pharma Corp is up 13827% last month to close at $ 092 on Dec. During that time, the stock fell to $ 086 and as high as $ 1.95 ZSAN has an average analyst recommendation of Strong Buy The company has an average target price of $ 3.550

Zosano Pharma Corp has a long-term technical rank of 89, meaning that for the past 200 trading days, trading has put the company in the top half of the stocks, with 11% of the market valued higher in the biotechnology industry following this one Metric is number 59, ZSAN is better than 79% of the stocks

-Zosano Pharma Corp is expected to be launched on Dec.032021 Publish Earnings During its last earnings release, the company posted earnings per share of $ -094
– We currently don’t have a set dividend date for Zosano Pharma Corp.
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World News – CA – Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) Up 3731% in Premarket Trading

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