The president’s team of attorneys pledged that they would reflect the results of the 2020 White House elections.

WASHINGTON – They called themselves the “Elite Strike Force Team” but the insane press conference held by President Donald Trump’s lawyers Thursday afternoon was more an electoral farce than a compelling legal argument, as Rudy Giuliani presented several conspiracy theories and a series of false allegations that Pledge it will reverse the results of the 2020 White House race

“I think we are the chief lawyers,” Giuliani told a room packed with reporters inside the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C, flanked by Trump campaign attorneys, Gina Ellis, Joseph Degenova, and Sydney Powell

In the ensuing 90 minutes, the former New York mayor and his colleagues spun a web of lies that pointed to the Clinton Foundation, the great liberal George Soros, and the late Venezuelan Hugo Chávez

And although Ellis described their remarks as merely an “opening statement” on behalf of the campaign, the rhetorical summary – in which streams of hair dye trickled down both sides of Giuliani’s face – almost immediately gave up on Trump’s failed efforts to undermine the president-elect’s victory. Joe Biden

Just hours before Thursday, the Trump campaign withdrew the last federal lawsuit remaining in Michigan after having had no substantive success in similar suits across other swing states.However, the president’s legal team pushed into an alternate political reality at their press conference, which appeared It is primarily designed to show their boss that they are still fighting the facts.

Giuliani spoke next to a map of the United States that allegedly showed “multiple paths to victory,” with six major battlefields highlighted in red: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All of these states were called in for Biden, but the president’s personal attorney insisted that His client will prevail – all while baselessly claiming that Trump was the victim of a “plan from a central location to carry out these various acts of voter fraud.”

Giuliani said that this scheme “focuses particularly on major cities” with “a long history of corruption,” which have all been under the control of “democratic presidents,” falsely claiming that “mail-order ballots” are particularly vulnerable to fraud, and that the lack of protocols Safety in some states means that a “dead person” or even a “Mickey Mouse” vote could have been cast.

“What I am describing to you is a massive fraud,” Giuliani complained to reporters, complaining to reporters that “the coverage of this matter was as dishonest as the scheme itself”

Trump campaign officials appeared in panic when a circus-like story unfolded at one point. The live audio of the campaign press conference was interrupted by unknown voices attached to hair dye that appeared to be dripping on Giuliani’s face. The Trump campaign later claimed on Twitter that people Who can be heard mocking the former mayor “They are not campaign employees”

Even Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who has not diverged from the president’s allegations of electoral wrongdoing, said on his show Thursday evening that his team had contacted Powell to request evidence to support her claim. Carlson told viewers he liked Powell and took it seriously, but Powell asked His team angrily stopped calling her, he said, and he never provided any evidence.

However, Trump touted the scene with impatience, tweeting that Americans could hear his attorneys “On newsmax, OANN & Maybe FoxNews is an open and closed case of voter fraud massively!”

Despite the length of their press conference, Ellis said they only provided a “brief description” of the president’s case. It happens in the courtroom all the time, as this is not the fact-finding process. This is just an overview. This is what we presented to you today, because the people The American deserves to know what we have discovered in the past two weeks. Remember, this is a short timeframe, “she said

In fact, two weeks have passed since Election Day, and there is still no evidence to support accusations of mass voter fraud, and a group of federal officials deemed the 2020 elections the “safest in American history”, election supervisors, and voting technology vendors

Biden said, later in the afternoon, that Trump’s increasingly desperate moves were “completely irresponsible” and were severely damaging the United States’ standing globally.

“It’s hard to understand how this guy thinks,” Biden said after a speech in Delaware, “I’m sure he knows he hasn’t won, won’t be able to win, and we’ll be sworn in January 20 and I’m just, you know – far from me to question His motives What he is doing is outrageous. “

Senior Trump campaign officials who have spent months preparing for litigation after the election, including Deputy Campaign Director Justin Clark and General Counsel Matt Morgan, have taken the back seat as Giuliani has taken full leadership of the campaign’s legal efforts – chasing a slew of exposing conspiracy theories into Along with Ellis, Powell and others on his team of attorneys.

Neither Clark nor Morgan was present at Thursday’s press conference, and Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel was notably absent, although the event was held in the lobby of the party headquarters The top Republicans who participated in Trump’s re-election effort in particular tried to distance themselves from Giuliani’s appearance hours before it began

Trump chose to assign Giuliani responsibility for his legal battle last Friday after a series of courtroom losses People close to the president saw Giuliani’s promotion as a tacit admission that Trump would lose and that he was more interested in pushing the PR narrative that the election was stolen from him rather than From pursuing more lawsuits

But Trump’s top aides closed their eyes to Giuliani’s assertions and mocked his bizarre behavior – especially his press conference earlier this month outside the Philadelphia gardening company – as embarrassing within the confines of Trump’s Arlington, Virginia, the campaign headquarters. There is growing discomfort about Giuliani’s legal team, which has been described as disorganized and frenzied

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