Dollars have reached a deal to get a distinguished Jrue Holiday goalkeeper from the Pelicans, according to Shams Sharania of The Athletic, who reported (via Twitter) that New Orleans will receive Eric Bledso and George Hill and draft compensation in return

The compensation draft is big – Pelican will have three future picks in the first round from Milwaukee, sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link) One of those three picks is this year’s number 24 picks, David Aldridge of Athletic tweets New Orleans Also on a pair of future draft choice swaps in the deal, per Charania (Twitter link)

Holiday, 30, comes from the 2019/20 season with an average of 19 1 PPG, 67 APG, 48 RPG, and 16 SPG with a 455/353/709 shooting streak in 61 matches (347 mpg) For New Orleans despite not winning a spot on an All-Defensive team this season, he has done so twice in the past and is widely regarded as one of the best NBA defenders in the ocean.

Having a vacation is an all-around move for the Bucks and General Manager Jon Horst, who are trying to persuade the twice-awarded MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to sign a Super Max contract extension to stay with the team over the long term Antetokounmpo has stated repeatedly that he’s interesting in staying in Milwaukee As long as he believes the club can win the title

Upgrading their backcountry by acquiring Holiday should make the Bucks – who have scored the best regular season record in the league in both of the past two seasons – a formidable threat to the title however, the cost of purchase is substantial, especially given a contract status Holiday

The 30-year-old’s deal will pay $ 25 9mm in 2020/21 and include $ 26 an 8mm player option for 21/22, which means he can access a free agency a year from now while Antetokounmpo and Holiday are both eligible to enter On the open market and signing elsewhere in 2021, the Bucks seem to be betting hard on their ability to lock both players into new deals

On that note, Mark Stein of The New York Times tweeted that the past few weeks have been “full of gossip” about the possibility that Antetokounmpo will sign his super-show off this off-season. Milwaukee’s willingness to give up many future assets appears to reflect the team’s optimism, As Stein notes

Age of holiday and contract setting prompted the Pelicans to explore the commercial market in search of an off-season deal as basketball operations chief David Griffin sought pieces that better align with the youth club’s schedule, led by Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram

While the Pelicans were reported to be willing to hold on to the holiday if a favorable deal did not materialize, the return of three picks from the first round and two picks trades were too appealing to be rejected after having had a hit with the Anthony Davis trade last year as well, has Neo Orleans now has five additional first-round selections in future seasons, plus three selective swaps.

It remains to be seen whether Bledsoe and Hill will spend the season with the Pelicans or whether the team may be looking to turn one or both players over in subsequent deals

Bledsoe, the tough defender whose offensive restraints have damaged the Bucks in the last two seasons, averaged 149 PPG, 54 APG, and 4 Run 6 RPG 475/344/790 shots in 61 games (270 mpg) in 2019/20 He has three years and about $ 54 million remaining on his contract, though his 2022/23 salary ($ 19 4mm) is mostly unsecured.

Hill was, meanwhile, a trusted Milwaukee rotation player, averaging 94 PPG, 31 APG, and 30 RPG at 516/460/842 in 59 matches (215 mpg) last season at 34 years old A year old has $ 9 guaranteed 6 million salary on 20/21 with a slightly guaranteed $ 10 million salary on 21/22

With Holiday exiting the market, teams like Nuggets and Nets, who have been linked to the veteran goalkeeper, will have to look elsewhere for a potential wing upgrade

That’s just 1 less than what the Rockets conceded in favor of Westbrook. With your kids out, that will be multiple picks for the top 5 picks the Rockets lose to the other teams

I’d need more than a page of aging, the next strength should be if you put Middleton into some form to harden if that’s all they do then I don’t see Giannis staying around

So they gave up three picks and two trade-offs and yet you think they can get Hardin or better go after Hardin I think you really don’t get the sport
This should be Silliman It should be right

Let’s go, let’s continue with these trades! I love warriors and choose to swap! (It won’t happen but I can dream) Also great money I wonder why the Pelicans didn’t get a better show though.

I was thinking the same you should think the Falcons have a package that includes some promising youngsters rather than first-round picks which are likely to be late in the first round

But what if the Nets-Celtics situation happened now that I think about it? The networks basically gave them Jaylen Brown and Jason Taytum, thinking the trade would help them win.What if the jrue didn’t deliver and the team ended up badly? I’m just thinking of rethinking possibilities now

Wait you didn’t see the amount of shots included in the beginning it might be due to biting into dollars

Only if Giannis leaves, and if it does, they will likely be in a position to rebuild for a decade or so anyway even with early adopters all that does is throw out some of the late picks or just mean they have to get first Later by taking the salary

Yes, but if Giannis leaves, they will likely be the 5th lower team, so with lottery picks, they can start to rebuild faster but without them this will delay the rebuilding process a bit Usually the picks given to the payroll are not lottery choices But I think we will have to wait and see what happens. Personally, I hope he does not leave though, even if he is in my central division in the Premier League lol

3 first times and two more swaps plus Bledsoe and Hill for Jrue, who can turn down his player choice and walk after this year if Giannis walks too, some of those choices could be huge

He’ll likely pull out of service in 2021, just as AD has done this year, but like Davis, he’s likely to sign an extension of sorts.

It appears that the Hurst and Bucks ownership considers having a vacation crucial to their chances of keeping Giannis and the Clippers thought the acquisition of George was to ensure that Cohe joined them and not the Lakers in the last off-season.

I mean the defense will be really strong, Holiday Middleton Gianas and BlueBase but Al Sadd

Does that make dollars better? Bledsloe was solid defensively last year and George Hill was like best three-point shooter in the league and sixth favorite of the year Bledsloe is a two-time defensive team player in 2018 and 2019

I think that’s a terrible deal for them and as for the Pelicans, players aren’t really desirable, but three players up front are a solid thing who knows – Turn Bledsloe to pick another, Hill Hill over to another pickaxe or both

The vacation is a great choice but 3 picks and 2 tradeoffs really sharp if they lose Giannis and / or Jrue, they will be spoiled for rebuilding

Good deal for BUCKS ……… Hill lost a bit, just because of his 3pt% accuracy

I suspect the dollars want to get that guy back. They basically traded Brogdon on his current contract, Hill on his, Bledsoe on his, plus three first rounds and swaps, one year of Holiday and the pick they got for Brogdon

Immature? Brogden wanted to get out of Milwaukee, not because he thought the tram was bad, because he thought it was so lonely it was to get anything of its sheer genius.

Brogdon was tied up and had no other choice. Is he really not going to play for $ 20 million a year when everyone says he’s a player of character? I prefer a holiday too, but they really missed a year as it could have brought them to the finals plus it’s not a huge improvement for next year, and because Giannis might leave, they end up forcing them to pay for Jrue as if he’s a top 10 player. Players, all because the dollars were too cheap to pay Projdon when they had the opportunity

As much as you’d like to pretend, how could you not realize that Brogdon hated Milwaukee and was willing to do anything to get out of town?
His value has diminished due to the fact that he (he wasn’t in his first year with Indiana either) couldn’t stay healthy.

Cool This might be terrible at all times for the Bucks. Bledsoe for Holiday is Pay for Holiday Defense a more flexible and better offensive player, but it’s a third choice for the Bucks and the Hill shooter isn’t a cool thing, but it’s a better piece of depth than anyone the Bucks will find in Free agency

So, in short, they are a little better in times of crisis in qualifiers because Holiday is better than Bledsoe but it could be worse in the regular season due to depth and be quite tight if the holiday is damaged by lack of depth so they give up picks like Holiday PG? These could be some damned good shots if Giannis leaves.

For “no” they might be better next year due to the above reasons so ignore the yikes choices

Who was the “knockout” shooter who surrendered to Bledso? Who cares about the regular season, they’ve been the best regular season team for two years in a row. What defines them? Bledsoe killed them in the qualifiers Can’t shoot, not being able to take over the match, don’t forget to be called “Drew Bledsoe” in his head and made him useless in front of the Celtics last year I hope they are able to keep Hill, they might miss his veteran leadership 3
Choose the NBA? Who cares

Good teams do this all the time 26-30 shots are rarely made by the original team and even when they are, they are usually both draft and stash players

If Giannis had stayed the snaps were of no value if he left to go to the Mavs NOLA would have made a great trade

Dollars gave up Brogdon and now they are trading it in for a new vacation I hope the dollars will make it right this time

Holiday was a great player two years ago
He was a regular player with great stats last year.

I like Jrue Holiday so much, but my first impression is that Bucks gave up WAY a lot

I just watched a KOT4Qs video about this one, and the first and second three choice swaps could be an enormous ingenuity by David Griffin

Giannis doesn’t have to sign a Super Max. He can wait and sign him abroad Why signed now? He could be a jrue like this F and leave after the season and then lose Junior and 3 future first …

I don’t think Jrue was worth it all at least doing well in qualifying high on / off

If Giannis leaves, who cares? If they can’t win a championship with him, just move the team. He’s a man of every century in a market like Milwaukee

That’s the only sensible comment Horst should swing for so why not? Giannis might leave if they don’t. He’s a generation player in Milwaukee, of all places do what you can to win when you have because in the end, even if they win everything while Giannis is around, what does that guarantee? It’s not a great market for the NBA Giannis will likely go away History – especially recent history – and the nature of the league today indicates that he will.

I’m a 35-year-old Bucks fan I’ve only enjoyed three really good seasons in my basketball life The goal of all of this is to win a championship, and the Bucks will have the best chance of winning a championship in my life next season if they’re rocking and missing out, so be it at least They took a swing while having the talent of generations.

Also fast, Jrue is a massive upgrade on Bledsoe that hurt this team’s blade in the qualifiers The modest numbers don’t even show you how totally dumbfounded he looked at this moment, that I feel so bad for him

lepmehwg I feel yes it’s all about the tournaments If Jrue is the difference in making it to the finals, that’s a great business btw. I’m the holder of the Liker season ticket, my wife’s favorite is Giannis

It’s a good deal if GA re-signed as a result. Otherwise, it looks like it’s overpaying, but I have to see protection in the options since this year’s selection is included, and 2021 is owed Cleveland, the deal can only be terminated after the draft in the sense that both options are The second and third could be anywhere from 2023 to 2027.It’s definitely a good trade for Pels to even accept Hill’s contract, which I think was a mistake.

Pelicans great works and great Babi fan! Next stop is Defensive post, then we cook Cajun Bam!

IMO The coach is the one who blew it up last year. Better to learn or is this for what ??
Bucks gave up a lot but their choices wouldn’t be high so I played this trade could turn the peel Bledsoe the ball should be PG Now Hill is a strong vet who can support him No good young talent Now a lot of future assets looks good Bucks had to do something The vacation is picking up Awesome plus it was never far in the qualifiers This should be a hungry Bucks team The team with the best record in the East last year The price may be a bit high but it is worth it I salute them I love this game Get ready for the draft all

Jrue Holiday

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