Toronto native has named Dan Levy one of the sexiest men alive and people agree

PEOPLE released the long-awaited issue of Sexiest Man Alive Issue 2020 this week, and co-creator Schitt’s Creek and Dan Levy of Toronto were shortlisted

While Levi has long been known as a television personality in Canada thanks to his time at MuchMusic, his level of fame has reached new heights this year following the huge international success of Khor Sheitz – with nine Emmy victories recorded in the show. Earlier this year

In an interview with the magazine, Levy talked about all of the new hobbies he’s tried in the eight months since the pandemic began, including baking, overeating on TV shows and learning how to master his favorite (global) cocktail

He said sarcastically in the interview, “This kind of excitement is a niche market but I really appreciate you getting to know it,” but a quick Twitter search reveals that PEOPLE’s decision-makers aren’t the only ones recognizing Levy’s a unique sexy brand

The selection of Dan Levy as the most beautiful man alive for 2020 is exactly what I needed to see today

Canadians and Americans alike used to use social media to talk about Levi’s appeal throughout the day, with many people praising him for giving him the recognition he clearly deserves.

Someone even came up with a clever term for all the folks currently yearning for Levi: Dansexual

David Rose is of the gender of the collector and appears to be a large segment of the population from Dansexual #SchittsCreek #DavidRose #danlevy https: // tco / TwAtdCgx1n

Another fan seems to have already expected Levi to be listed.

I think Dan Levy @ danjlevy should be @ People Magazine’s Sexiest People Alive! Or at least make the list just put it in the universe ☮️✌🏼🌈💟

People’s decision to include Levi seems to have piqued some people who would never have cared about this issue.

I wonder what I would need to take care of the ratings of the Sexiest Man Alive and the answer is Dan Levy https: // t Share / rFfbwrHEGQ / nPndKICMcO

A social media user said he deserved the place but added that his father, Eugene Levy, should also have been included

I just saw @ danjlevy being on the list of the sexiest men alive in people, and it comes true.
But where is Eugene found? This could have been the strangest father and son cover ever

Official PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive 2020 will be announced tonight at 11:30 PM on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Toronto native has named Dan Levy one of the sexiest men alive and people agree

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Dan Levy

World News – California – Dan Levy from Toronto has chosen one of the sexiest men alive and people agree.