Home Alone 2 is a Christmas classic, but there are a lot of things about the movie that don’t really make sense

Even after three decades, the two original Home Alone films are still considered classic Christmas films.For many families, it has almost become a tradition to gather and watch these films on television during the holiday season

While the ’90 Breakthrough was establishing a formula, Chris Columbus and John Hughes built on the sequel, choosing the craziness and raising the stakes on the brand traps and slapstick, though there’s a lot going on with this sequel in New York appreciate there, it’s hard to deny that there are moments that are often even more implausible, strange, or confusing than their predecessors. Let’s examine ten of the most nonsensical

Given the McCallisters’ apparent wealth, you’d think they’d secured nicer, more lavish accommodations than a simple and rather poor-looking motel. “It’s ironic that the” Villa De Dolphine “is actually a pretty significant step up from its own House away is

Between the weather and the chic accommodations at the Plaza Hotel, Kevin certainly has the better end of the deal here – at least if we disregard the Sticky Bandits fiasco

Sure, it can be argued that the pre-11th Home Alone 2 era September would mean a relative lack of security and organization at airports compared to today.However, it is hard to imagine that not one but several airline employees would not properly take care of Kevin’s separation problem – especially given the difficulties they would be faced with. if something bad happened

Apparently, however, a ten-year-old’s vague assurance that he will discover his father is enough to allay staff concerns or responsibilities, and a clear expression of shock after being told he is in the wrong town doesn’t wake red ones Flags Kevin then meets more naive adults, as he can check into a large hotel himself – but that’s another story

Many have referred to Home Alone 2 as a sort of expanded ad for the then-new “Talkboy,” a handheld voice recorder and sound manipulator, so it makes sense that children’s toys would seem more useful or refined than they really were after Kevin with his Having made a hotel reservation with the voice manipulator, it’s pretty clear that the exaggerated low pitch probably wouldn’t fool many adults

Not only does the receptionist accept the brief query without hesitation, but she also goes into almost no details or questions. Of course, she mentions that he needs a credit card, and smart Kevin happens to have a recorded response ready

Kevin’s New York relatives must have been quite surprised when they returned to their once-empty townhouse in gruesome irony about to be renovated Oh – Kevin managed to renovate it all right! Just not in the way his aunt and uncle intended

Obviously, a Home Alone movie needs a setting where Kevin can go wild with his traps, and even more so than the first run.Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine that it could completely destroy the place without the residents who happen to be his own family are to be considered

Buzz can be compared to this schoolyard bully – who in this case is also the older brother of the film’s lead role.While his childish antics in the first home are small enough to be believable on their own, he goes beyond this time

During a choir performance at school, he humiliates the child in front of dozens of students and looking parents alike.This causes Kevin to push him, which implausibly leads to a human domino effect of every single upset child.But what do Mr. and Mrs. McCallister do? After immediately accepting Buzz’s insincere “apology”, they blame the victim – just like in the first film

Just like in the first film, Kevin befriends a kind of “lone wolf” who at first seems intimidating. And just like the stoic Marley, Kevin’s new acquaintance – a deaf-loving homeless woman – early refuses to speak to him despite this Fact that she makes it pretty clear that she is looking for companionship and someone to talk to

As with Kevin’s neighbors, this silent treatment and the somewhat creepy look only serves to make Kevin more worried and run away

It makes sense to expose some level of disbelief, especially when it comes to a movie that is largely tailored for kids, however, there comes a point where the implausibility reaches heights that raise an eyebrow and even some out of that Take out the film

For many, Kevin’s highly unlikely clash with Harry and Marv is right here again.These crooks managed to escape from prison, which is far enough fetched due to their lack of wit. Not only that, but they are right inside same part of the same town – the exact day the young vacationer arrives It’s a “needle in a haystack” scenario to say the least, and that needle is found multiple times in the movie

It’s true that technology and communications weren’t quite what they are today compared to three decades ago. Even so, Kevin’s dad’s mis-tagged stolen credit card is a bit of a heads-scratcher idea is that his parents got the card as “stolen” in order to mark their use and thus to determine its location. But surely there would have been a means of tracking this data in 1992 as well without incorrectly marking it as hijacked or lost

You’d think Peter and Kate would have known that – at least in the short term – this would likely cause the lonely boy some problems

In the first Home Alone, something can be explained to Kevin, who shies away from adult help, as this is a younger, scared child without a phone service and there are few neighbors to help him. But in this film ? There are people everywhere, who better than the police to call this potentially dangerous situation? Granted, he catches her eye at the end of the film, but why wait so long?

At least he could have caught the attention of one of the literally hundreds of civilians walking the streets of New York. At one point he even ran through a huge crowd while running away from the Sticky Bandits.

Even many fans of this film have criticized the fact that Kevin’s series of traps – most of which are more deadly than the first film – hardly seem to leave a dent. Oh, they leave their mark on a visual level as the bandits are along with Paint stains, brick prints and burn marks are strewn

But all too often the crooks manage to recover quickly from things like a brick thrown from several floors and a seemingly fatal dose of electric shock

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