When Christmas hits all over the world, Google activated their Santa tracker to follow the fun Saint Nick who is delivering gifts around the world

The Santa Tracker site provides a real-time visual representation of Santa’s path.Google also has a running counter for the number of gifts delivered and an update for the next stop on Santa’s journey, nodding to a more sober reality, Kris Kringle wears one purple face mask to protect himself and others from COVID-19 (although he has apparently already received a dose of vaccine)

The site is similar to NORAD’s Santa Tracker, the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s longstanding annual project

Google’s tracker is also a nice way to keep kids entertained with a handful of mini-games, including one called Elf Glider where you use a keyboard on a computer to act as one of Santa’s elves on a dragon and Press the spacebar to drop presents down chimneys while dodging obstacles

1 Enter Santatracker on Googlecom on your mobile or desktop browser Mobile users can tap to add Santa Claus to their home screen

2 You can passively see Santa’s current location and explore the globe if you get too far, tap the Santa hat icon to instantly return to the fun one on his sleigh

3 Click or tap the “Hamburger” menu with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen to interact with Santa and his friends in different ways. For example, you can make Santa presentable for a selfie and get into a snowball fight

4 Leave the sound on to hear festive music and elf laughter as Santa cuts his way around the globe, or click or tap the mute button if you’d rather enjoy Santa in peace

5 Keep scrolling down to play winter and Christmas games with animated elves, according to the Google website, the site will stay online until December

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Santa Tracker

World News – FI – 5 Fun Ways to Use Google’s Santa Tracker for Christmas and Beyond

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