In his longstanding fame, he’s made way too many jokes with LGBT people as a punchline – though Clarkson insists he’s not homophobic

In case you’re not sure where Clarkson stands when it comes to respecting LGBT people, here are just a few incidents that come to mind

In 2019, Clarkson and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May came under fire for making fun of the Jeep Wrangler and saying it was popular with LGBT people

Clarkson said the car was typically bought by “people who enjoy driving the streets of San Francisco and Key West and Brighton and Sydney”

This was followed by some cheap footage of Hammond saying, “You should have gone the whole pig … maybe some nice guys, Suede, but ventilated in the back.

It received a huge backlash, including Will Young, who called the trio up for “being so uncomfortable with their sexuality that they lamely refer to a Wrangler Jeep as a gay man’s car.””It’s bloody pathetic and actually homophobic”

In a unsurprisingly smug response to Will Young’s criticism, Jeremy Clarkson said he couldn’t be homophobic and defended his actions in a column for The Sun

He wrote, “A lot of gay people who saw the show said they couldn’t see a problem Neither of my left-wing friends couldn’t either, One even said I should tell [Will Young] to stop being so gay to be I won’t do that ”

He continued, “Instead, I will apologize to Will for being upset and assure him that I know I am not homophobic as I really enjoy seeing lesbians on the internet”

The presenter tweeted a picture in 2014 that shows him sleeping on an airplane with a sign that says “gay c ** t” held next to him. The photo also shows co-presenter James May smiling

The photo was taken about Jan.Retweeted 000 times, but followers were quick to respond and say they would be offended if they used gay “as a kind of insult” in a negative context

Responding to the backlash, he tweeted, “I deleted my last tweet and want to apologize to everyone I upset in my sleep”

In a 2016 edition of his column in the Sunday Times, Jeremy Clarkson shared a story he had heard from young trans girls who had lived in their real sex from the age of three

The column was titled “Transgender Issues Are Driving Me Crazy” and he argued that “their parents would just have indulged in that whim”

He wrote: “For me men who want to be women could only be found on the Internet or in the most important parts of Bangkok. They were called ladyboys, and in my eyes they were nothing more than the punch line in a deer night anecdote”

He hit the parents and also claimed that they should not “poison the mind of a child” and that they lived “a crazy life”

“I was told that there are 650 in the UK today000 people live with a gender problem, “he continued.” Well, I just sat there and shook my head because the simple fact is: there are no ”

Many LGBT activists and celebrities have posted his comments on Twitter, including trans activist Paris Lees and Matt Lucas from Bake Off

A 2019 episode of The Grand Tour joked that Clarkson had undergone “transgender surgery” after diving waist-deep in a cold river in Mongolia

On the hosts’ journey through the Asian country, one of their makeshift cars got stuck in a body of water. Clarkson had to get into the water and shouted, “Holy s ** t! I just had transgender surgery! “

In 2016, then Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, proposed the provision of gender-neutral bathrooms in Parliament

He said it would be beneficial for numerous people including “single fathers with daughters, single mothers with sons, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, and adults with aging parents who may be disabled.” are ”

Clarkson, of course, disliked the proposal, calling it “part of an ongoing struggle for our leaders to completely break away from reality”

The column continued, “There are no transgender MPs I know of, so why use taxpayers’ money to provide a facility that is not necessary? You can install urinals for Klingons, too”

And he didn’t stop there, adding a random bump into gays and trans men: “It’s all very good to fight for a man’s right to have babies But where will the fetus get pregnant? In a box? “

On an episode of Top Gear, an audience called the Daihatsu Copen “a little gay” Clarkson agreed with the comment and called the car “very ginger beer,” which rhymes slang for queer,

Media watchman Ofcom criticized Clarkson’s comments, saying that while apparently gay can be described as “stupid, stupid and socially inappropriate or disapproved and lame,” that instance was clearly offensive to LGBT people, thank you, Ofcom >

The tweet included a photo of Clarkson and Hammond standing outside the Margaret River Fudge Factory in Western Australia

In reference to the famous arch and its recent release by the BBC, the headline read, “We Finally Got Jobs Here As Packers”

A Stonewall spokesperson said, “We can’t quite see Clarkson in the candy industry Perhaps it’s the sour taste his racist and homophobic slurs leave behind“All we can see right now is his career”

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