The Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 on Monday night in the second half of a memorable one-on-one

But anyone who watched the game went to bed knowing the outcome of the game was secondary after John Tortorella benched Patrik Laine in just four games in his career as the Blue Jackets

In case you missed it, Laine rode the jaws for the final 26:19, playing 7:07 on the first period and only 4:07 on the second period before hitting the proverbial shower while watching it live Tortorella’s decision to bench his new superstar was buoyed by (as he perceived) missed orders from the winger, he was on the ice for Brock McGinn’s goal that led to the 2-2, and moments later he was in the Close to McGinn’s open net shot that graciously rattled off the crossbar

McGinn had a wide open net in front of her and did not miss the target #Canes #CBJ BildTwittercom / djsDjI4NB6

Lots of people will want to know that neither Laine nor Kukan are playing the final period plus Here’s what John Tortorella had to say #CBJ picTwittercom / avJ9Nz4tst

To be honest, it’s hard to take the manager seriously here, maybe Laine’s game was the last straw, but it’s hard to believe that anything other than his game was the reason not to play a player for a period of time – let alone Laine

This is where it gets tricky over the years, this fan base has consistently praised Tortorella, and I’ve almost always agreed with the feeling

He changed the culture He brought this franchise prestige His no-nonsense philosophy of complete accountability has resulted in four consecutive playoff berths in the Stanley Cup The sum of its parts is greater than the individual talent on the roster As a coach, you can hardly get a better compliment imagine

However, this was a step too far. Want to send a message to a player? Put him in for the rest of the time Chat with him between periods Explain that his style of play is not up to the Blue Jackets Standard ™ Then give him the chance to redeem himself

Laine has been in Columbus for 10 days, playing four games and training less than can be counted on in one hand.In this case, Tortorella created and promoted a narrative in which he (at best) embarrassed and (at worst) alienated the organization’s most important asset Who just made it their way to Winnipeg? Who is a restricted free agent after this season? Who has to sign the Blue Jackets long term in order to be entitled to theoretically “win” the deal with Pierre-Luc Dubois

I’ve read the comments and get them “Laine shouldn’t be treated differently from anyone” Okay then why didn’t Tortorella make an example for David Savard and Vladislav Gavrikov looking like they’re in a competition to see who can turn the puck the most before March? Why didn’t Tortorella Cam Atkinson scratch healthy? In the early games, who could, as a friend put it, “not hit the ocean from the boardwalk for three weeks?”

Tortorella has Savard / Gavrikov / Atkinson / etc because they work hard Sure, they may be playing brutal hockey along the way, but they really tried hard! I understand that (and as a youth hockey coach, I respect that) but I’m not convinced that the best way to win in the NHL (especially in the playoffs) is with a team of third-row players who scratch and scratch

After all, you need an offensive differentiator to score when the controls get tighter The Blue Jackets have that for now

Tortorella is not entirely to blame here It was almost too predictable that the acquisition of players like Laine and Max Domi (attacking stars with questionable defensive metrics) would sooner or later be in the unenviable position of GM Jarmo Kekalainen, between coach and player to have to choose

It really does seem like the GM and the trainer are not on the same page in #CBJ
Torts slowly but surely built a defensive powerhouse on Jarmo aimed at Domi and Laine, two purely offensive players
Unsurprisingly, things haven’t been going well so far

The jackets have the bottom three expected goals for the percentage (44%) and the only teams with less expected goals for are the Red Wings and Kings
They stink and that’s because they can’t generate anything offensively and defensively aren’t good enough to cover up

In his post-game comments, Tortorella mentioned that he and the coaching team are trying to bring six or seven new players into the Blue Jackets culture “”

And while he’s rightly proud of the culture he’s helped build, I would argue that his culture favors players with a big engine and little skill over star players, which is a great way to build a culture from scratch, and this team is through this phase. Is it more likely that Laine or a potential UFA will choose Columbus over the long term versus NHL City X after last night? Definitely no

John Tortorella is hands down the most successful coach in franchise history He took the franchise from the basement to prestige Aside from building the line-up, I think he’s generally done a good job training the team this season but yesterday’s decision Putting Laine on the bench was a dramatic decision that does more harm than good

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