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Arsenal’s loss at Emirates Stadium is over before Mikel Arteta’s team added their name to an infamous section of their record books, but history repeated itself in so many other ways in North London

If lost, Arsenal would have scored five straight home losses but the 10-man Gunners held a 1-1 draw with Southampton after Gabriel became the last player to see red for a hasty judgment at a crucial moment for their side

Arsenal reacted impressively in the second half when Bukayo Saka’s run and Eddie Nketiah’s through pass allowed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to cancel Theo Walcott’s first half against his former team, anything but a point for Southampton , who were by far the better team in the first half, have been tough as they missed the chance to briefly finish first in the Premier League

Who will be hired to help Arsenal’s overwhelmed defenses against invasive robberies? Saka Who will give Aubameyang the service he so badly misses? This will be Saka who will add numbers to a midfield lacking mobility and a sharp pass? You have probably already guessed who will play the killer with the ball or the money cross? Yes, this bit is forced, but this is more to clarify the point. You could go further

At 19, Saka’s versatility has become a bane.He Must Do Anything Because his demeanor has been flawless during his team’s recent fights, he’s the man his teammates trust to give the ball. He’s pretty often the one too only one who actually shows for the ball

His opponents know this, which is why Southampton has done what so many other teams have done lately, doubling him up and tripling him up, and beating him with tough tackles that he may not have been in the game when he clashed with Che Adams early on , but he battled injuries and delivered a performance as impressive as the numerous outstanding performances he had offered at the start of his career at Arsenal

Since joining the Arsenal Academy, his quality has never been in doubt. What has prevailed since he was established as a regular in the first team is his exceptional attitude. When the pressure on these players became unbearable, Saka faced the Challenge Almost every other player on this team could learn from it

In such troubled times for Arsenal, it just had to be for their earlier indictment, the qualities of which were so constantly debated by fans at the Emirates Stadium, to return to turn the knife ever deeper and yet this was a Walcott as opposed to that who spent 12 years in north London looked like a player executing a tactical plan

If owned, Walcott would drift into the space between Kieran Tierney and Gabriel, hover on the last man’s shoulder, and shoot backwards. When it pays off, the Emirates were presented with a sight they knew only too well than him Ball stuck into the net over a charging goalkeeper

Yet on this floor, Walcott rarely, if ever, pursued an overlapping full-back with such diligence or pushed with an intensity that denied his 32 years, perhaps the latter is explained by how rarely Southampton dominated possession early on , actually had to work to regain the ball

When they had it, they knew exactly what to do with it. There are basic principles and a fixed formation and a team. From there, Ralph Hasenhuttl can adapt to the occasion in a way that his counterpart, who is desperate for looking for something that works, just can’t

Hugging Arsenal’s pressure from the front, Southampton looked for balls in the channels that Adams could chase.When building from the deep, they deliberately inspected the Gunners’ left, pushing James Ward-Prowse wide to avoid overloads with Walcott and Kyle Walker -Peters to produce That was probably not what Arteta would have expected and it showed The tactical battle was won by the Saints

A farewell borne by the red mist is a misfortune Another could just be a statistical anomaly How about explaining a third incident in which an Arsenal player made such an incomprehensible fundamental mistake to make his teammates numerical parity to rob?

To be clear, the red card given to Gabriel was not the same as the one given to Granit Xhaka and Nicolas Pepe in recent weeks, the latter two of which were guilty of the violent behavior One grabbed his opponent by the neck, the other aimed a headbutt at another player

The Brazilian wasn’t selfishly aggressive, but he clearly lost his composure when he clashed with Theo Walcott shortly after his first yellow card on the centerline given a player making a name for himself at an explosive pace, he became tight, turned and decided to pull his man down. This was the act of a player who was not thinking clearly

It was also the seventh red card Arsenal received in less than a year of Premier League games under Mikel Arteta.No other team has got half of it.In such a small sample, some can inevitably be explained as the manager did before “Only two were discipline: Pepe and Granit,” he said

“The rest, there were two late tackles. And then the other, there were two actions when a player went through the gate and the defender tried to prevent a goal.” Ultimately, these excuses sound pretty hollow when a team keeps coming back makes hasty mistakes – and Mohamed Elneny could have easily gotten that number eight when faced with an opponent in the Burnley loss at the weekend – who are responsible for setting the culture for the team

Dani Ceballos: A complaint characterized by faking a foul as he goes down in the box.On a night like tonight, your midfield general has to take responsibility and not look for an easy way out. RATING: 4

Che Adams: Despite all of the flaws in Arsenal’s defenses leading up to Walcott’s goal, Adams should pay tribute for doing what he had done throughout the game: moving into space, defenders with him to draw and open up opportunities for a teammate to attack. RATING: 8

Gabriel: That spate of Arsenal red cards is the kind that leaves you open-mouthed. What could the Brazilian have thought to get closer to Walcott? Despite all this, there are bigger questions to be answered as to why these stupid forged red cards keep appearing This does not excuse the individuals. RATING: 3

Ahead of today’s kick-off at 3pm ET, Southampton remain in third place, just one point ahead of leaders Liverpool and Tottenham Arsenal are way further away than anyone expected It is on the 15th Place and six points before 18th Place, Fulham who played less

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Arsenal – Southampton

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