Over 30 years after Blackadder Goes Forth, Rowan Atkinson says it is “not impossible” that a fifth season of Blackadder could still take place

Rowan Atkinson says a Blackadder reboot could still take place before becoming Mr. Bean, Atkinson, demonstrated his comedy skills by directing classic British comedy series Blackadder, a whimsical and sometimes brutally pointed mockery of English history in various periods of the show’s final season, Blackadder Goes Forth, set in the trenches of World War I and was broadcast on BBC1 in 1989 Since then, fans have never lost their appetite for more Blackadder glee

While Blackadder has indeed returned for a handful of one-off specials, a long-awaited fifth season still hasn’t come to fruition over thirty years after Blackadder Goes Forth bowed on BBC1, things may indeed seem hopeless, but Atkinson did Recently Revealed That Blackadder Returns Not All Is Lost Speaking to the Radio Times (via Deadline) Atkinson said a revival was “not impossible” and confirmed that there had been talks about another season but didn’t work out Details of what this season would look like “This is about as optimistic as I can be and I’d rather not speculate about when it might be discontinued,” he said

The original Blackadder series, of course, covered hundreds of years of British history Season 1 was about the Middle Ages, Season 2 was about the Elizabethan Era, and Season 3 was about the Regency Era, before Season 4 was the dark days of the Great War.The show’s length of time was later changed to the 2000 special Blackadder: Back & Forth, in which Atkinson’s character built a real time machine, brought to the field by Doctor Who.Early rumors of possible Blackadder revivals point to a 60s setting for a fifth season while others have moved a fifth season to the present day, around the UK in the Brexit era, but it seems Atkinson is unwilling to confirm or reject such speculation

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