It has been almost 30 years since Freddie Mercury died, and just a few months later, in April 1992, the Queen’s remaining members drew a charity concert in his memory The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert For AIDS- Enlightenment took place on Easter Monday at Wembley Stadium at 72000 viewers held The show by Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon in memory of their boyfriend opened by artists influenced by Queen, including Metallica and Extreme

During the second half of the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Queen performed with various stars singing from David Bowie to George Michael

The benefit gig was shown on Sky Arts over Christmas, and Queen guitarist May looked back at the nostalgia and enjoyed it

The 73-year-old rock legend posted a clip of Paul Young singing Radio Ga Ga and wrote on his Instagram: “Who’s watching SkyArts TV right now? We’ve been all over TV this Christmas – lucky

“I’m going to watch our Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert – so strange for so many reasons. So long ago – we look so young – and all of these lovely performers here (that’s Paul Young) – many of them are now gone to the place Freddie went to before ”

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May continued, “And of course we are just getting used to the fact that Freddie can no longer do this wonderful thing to us. Of course, it felt like he was with us that amazing night”

The Queen guitarist then paid tribute to other late stars who performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

The 73-year-old wrote: “Dear George Michael, so young and full of life, David Bowie so polite and immortal looking and the three of us lost in the haze of an emotional river full of tears and joy at the same time

“But the strangest thing – look at the audience – you – we all – bathe in a sea of ​​human closeness – touch, sing together, without the slightest suspicion that one day this kind of amazing concert experience would no longer be possible”

May added, “We all thought it was our birthright – a freedom we can enjoy forever

“Well, we’ll see how the current war between humanity and the coronavirus goes in 2021. Do we need to learn to accept that we need to coexist? “

Earlier this year Expressco UK spoke to Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, who started the second half of the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

The singer played Tie Your Mother Down with Queen and didn’t realize until years later that he was the first to sing with the band since Freddie’s death

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The 61-year-old said, “You know what’s really weird? Some American TV shows have made a documentary about Bohemian Rhapsody and also about the Adam Lambert takeover, and the guy who interviewed me said something which obviously never crossed my mind ”

“He said,” Do you know you were the first person to sing with Queen after Freddie Mercury died? “And I just sat there and said,” Holy’s ***, wasn’t me? “/ p>

“Of course they hadn’t played together since Fred’s death and I tied your mom up. I mean, wow, it’s an honor, but only as a historical footnote; it’s a great quiz question! Pub Quiz here we come, you know you? ”

Elliott, who is good friends with Brian May, announced how Def Leppard came to the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Def Leppard frontman said, “When Roger [Taylor] announced they were putting this concert together, I got a call from Brian the next day”

May said, “I suppose you heard I want you to be there. We want you both. Are you going to perform at Freddie’s tribute gig?”

Elliott said he didn’t even have to contact the rest of Def Leppard because of course they would

The band played Now I’m Here with May and Animal and Let’s Get Rocked in the first half before Elliott had the honor of being the first person to sing with Queen since Freddie’s death

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