Carol Vorderman said her weight has continued to drop since she started using the fat in her morning drink

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Carol Vorderman shared the bizarre diet hack that helped the TV star shed the pounds

The 60-year-old former countdown star insists on adding a spoonful of butter to her coffee, which has helped change her intermittent fasting routine

Carol shared a clip on social media and seemed thrilled to reveal the trick to her followers

The TV star said it was a “game changer” and added that her weight has continued to decrease as a result,

Carol spoke to her fans on Twitter and explained that she completed her 6-mile exercise before cooking herself some delicious french fries

“I’m telling you now, I’ve never been less hungry in my life because I had a piece of butter in my coffee in the morning,” said Carol

“So I’m doing this intermittent fast, I’ve gone 20 hours with no food, haven’t felt a bit hungry, and now have real bacon – not the junk type – and fresh, fresh, local eggs, all local and I can Can’t wait

Adding butter to coffee is a popular technique for those looking to lose weight through ketosis, fans say it helps them feel full and curb cravings

Next to the video, Carol added a long caption informing herself about the diet trick

“So many of you ask why butter is in my coffee. The answer is that I fast intermittently #HUGEhealthBenefits and 1/2 teaspoon in black coffee is a GAME CHANGE,” wrote the mother of two

“I tried to fast before & went hungry. This one hack is a game changer & weight drops from xx “

Carol later also added a post proudly showing off her delicious meal of bacon, eggs and avocado

It’s also not the first time Carol finds out about her intermittent fasting routine

Last year, Carol stated on Twitter that she had started a routine of intermittent fasts and cold showers while fans continued to compliment the star on her lean physique

While Carol has explained to followers that adding butter to their coffee helped them lose weight, there isn’t enough research into the drink’s potential benefits and risks

According to Healthline, buttered coffee is primarily associated with a keto diet and contains large amounts of fat

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Carol Vorderman

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