A Jerusalem cook with a saffron laboratory A Jerusalem cook with a saffron laboratory Chef Avi Levy Rose Gold

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb.25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Saffron Tech, an Israeli wholly-owned subsidiary of Seedo Corp. (OTCQB: SEDO) is pleased to announce that Chef Avi Levy, acclaimed Jerusalem Chef & winner of Master Chef Israel’s TV show, has fallen in love with the quality and taste of Saffron Tech’s lab-grown saffron To join the company as an investor Ambassador Chef Avi Levy will combine his passion for great food and business with a new partnership with Saffron Tech, where he will serve as the company’s first ambassador and take a stake in the growing company

Chef Avi Levy will use his expertise to grow the Saffron Tech brand and celebrate the company’s vision to change the way saffron is grown and used around the world after tasting the saffron used in the environmentally controlled ones Labs grown by Saffron Tech, he said, “It’s amazing and fresh. This is high quality saffron, and to believe it will be available all year round at great prices is a real revolution in this area in my Jerusalem-based Restaurant, I insist on offering my guests the highest quality culinary approach manifested in fabulous tastes, aromas and colors.We pay great attention to ingredients and use fresh products In Saffron Tech’s Safran I found a perfect answer to everything I need.I also fell in love with the company’s vision and technology and for this reason I decided to join as an investor and ambassador “

“We’re delighted to have Chef as Avi Levy as our investor and our first ambassador. His vote of confidence in our technology and the quality of our laboratory-grown saffron shows us that we are on the right track to make our vision a reality to make high quality saffron available all year round and at attractive prices, ”said Mr David Freidenberg, Seedo Corp. and Saffron Tech CEO

Saffron Tech from Seedo Corp is an Israeli start-up with a new technology that aims to shake up the way saffron, the “red gold”, is grown and produced around the world. The Saffron Tech solution involves setting up a automatic vertical farm that gives the onions the ideal conditions at every stage of the growing process and provides a turnkey solution for growing high quality saffron with high yield all year round.Saffron Tech technology is environmentally friendly and saves water, space, fertilizer and energy The sealed environment eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides and makes for a clean and safe product. The solution is easily scalable and designed to grow quickly

Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO), an agritech company, focuses on the research, development and marketing of agricultural technology products in the fields of saffron, exotic plants and mushrooms. Seedo’s expertise and technology aim to make the way to transform agriculture by providing a responsible and sustainable way to grow crops in a world facing environmental problems such as dwindling earth reserves, declining water resources and unstable weather conditions

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A Jerusalem cook who used a laboratory made saffron

A Jerusalem cook who used a laboratory made saffron

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World News – FI – Chef Avi Levy, Renowned Chef & Winner of Master Chef Israel joins Saffron Tech, a subsidiary of Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO) as investor and ambassador

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