Between the war, the drama and the many romances along the way, Downton Abbey had everyone excited.But did everyone get what they wanted in the end?

The sinking of the Titanic, World War I, loads of romances and loads of drama – there’s no doubt Downton Abbey took fans on quite a journey by Lord Grantham & Co became so much like family, fans almost wished they could change their name to Crawley, intrigued by the stories of the upstairs and basement residents alike, who wouldn’t want the good guys to pursue their relationships, careers and life goals and the sneaky ones (aka O’Brien) getting their Comeuppances?

The crowd watched everyone grow and change and come and go (RIP Matthew and Lady Sybil), celebrating their successes – even those who took the entire six seasons (over 14 years) to see them reach

In 1912, a ship struck an iceberg and took two of Downton’s heirs with it, and the widower’s hopes soared that Robert’s eldest daughter, Lady Mary, would receive the title and estate, with the Earl of Grantham deciding it was a man’s job , and calls distant cousin Matthew to Downton

Immediately after Robert’s ulcer erupted last season, Mary, who lost her husband Matthew in a car accident, begins running the property with brother-in-law Tom Branson.After her father recovers, Mary and Robert and she is take over on the way to be the boss

Elsie has been reunited with a former sweetheart, farmer Joe Burns, who suggests rescuing her from her “low” servant position, but refuses after Carson reminds her that she is no longer the farm girl she is once was but a valuable member of the prominent household

It took a long time, but the butler and head housekeeper found themselves married in church and partying in the village school before moving to their own cabin.Mrs. Hughs remains on duty while Mr. Carson is retiring but will return to a supervisory role if necessary

He has been accused of both stealing and murdering and is spending time in jail. He is mocked and generally tortured by Thomas and O’Brien for his limp and old war wound. Can’t this man get a break?

At the end of the series, a woman had murdered the rapist Mr. Green, behind The Bateses, who suspects John had something to do with it. His wife Anna – Mary’s maid – gives birth to a son (during Edith and Birdie’s wedding)

This guy seriously, wasn’t there anything he wouldn’t do to wreak havoc? Machiavelli could have learned a trick or two from Thomas, but all of his acting came from having nowhere to go because he was a gay man at a time when you could be jailed like that

According to Mr. Carson’s resignation, Barrow, is promoted from lackey to butler at Downton Abbey. By the end of the series, the rest of the staff had liked him and there were congratulations everywhere

It all started when she got sick and was bedridden Mr Bates kindly brought up her tray with a flower Then there were the above false allegations made against her husband, as well as his sentence and recovery time from the sexual assault, that affected their relationship

After several miscarriages, a sympathetic and determined Lady Mary brings her trustworthy maid to a doctor in London for a minor surgery on which Dr Bates to carry her child as punishment

As if being an Irishman wasn’t bad enough in the land of the British aristocracy, his job was to drive them around. What can a socialist do? How about if you marry one of her daughters and cement the deal with a baby, go from the bottom up and the servants hate you too? But when Sybil succumbed to the flu, Tom was lost

He takes little Sybbie to Boston, where he has a family, but at the end of the show he returns with her announcement that Downton is her home. He goes into business with Mary’s husband, Henry Talbot

When she was not from Mrs. When Patmore was yelled at, who was there every five minutes, the assistant cook watched as the prettier (and often more pleasant) housemaids drew the attention of the young and handsome lackeys and valets

Daisy is still helping out in Downton’s kitchen but has moved to the farm that is now her former father-in-law, Mr. Mason (Remember, she married William on his deathbed so that he could die a married man and receive his soldier’s pension) She is then romantically linked to Andy, the estate’s new lackey

These two have taken sibling rivalry to the next level, past enemies versus deadly enemies Edith, the sad sack, could never win when faced with the beauty and confidence of her older sister, even when she got the bare minimum To start the shameful rumor about Mary, the brunette who refused to mess with me retaliated and triumphed by ruining the younger siblings’ relationship with their older funding

In the penultimate episode of the series, in which the sisters are reconciled, Edith has left home to become a writer, editor, and then magazine publisher.She marries Bertie, who, after a death in his family, assumes the status of marquis, what means that Downton Abbey’s Jan Brady is superior not only to Mary but to the entire Crawley clan

When the Countess of Grantham found out she was pregnant she was happy because if it were found to be a boy she would win Robert’s admiration (FYI: Thanks to O’Brien’s sabotage, Cora a miscarriage) One would think that the wealthy American heiress who, after raising three daughters together, married Earl for just her fortune to keep his family’s estate alive felt like he more than her loved – but Robert was actually in love with a maid named Jane

In the fifth episode of the show’s senior season, Lord Grantham’s ulcer bursts at the dinner party he and Lady Grantham are throwing.After spitting horror-movie-like blood on their guests and the elegant table decorations and is believed to be dying, Robert turns to Cora and says, “If that is the case, you know that I loved you very, very much”

Lady Mary was quite a girl in town with a number of suitors Most memorable was Kemal Pamuk, who died in her bed and made his move to other neighborhoods quite a caper. Then she and Matthew married and had a son. Lady Mary was finally happy until her husband took a ride and she was looking for love again. ‘ / p>

By the finale, Mary is pregnant with her second husband’s child, Henry Talbot was a racing driver who quit his career for her but kept his hand in the industry by starting a car repair company

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