Season 1 of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia ends with a series of revelations and a hasty decision, it’s a perfect setup for another season of the series that will see Gilmore Girls live up to 11 years old Show follows former teen mom Georgia who takes her now grumpy teen daughter Ginny to a precious New England town after the death of her wealthy yoga mogul husband Georgia has many secrets in her past and Ginny is terrified but officially more of hers Story in progress? Here’s what we know

Not yet, but Netflix rarely gives their popular shows a chance to expand, so a renewal in the cards is likely

Slow down! As I said, it hasn’t even been renewed. We’ll keep you updated when we know more

OK, this is where we can start speculating.Season 1 ends with the reveal that Georgia (Brianne Howey) definitely murdered her ex-husband who was creepy about Ginny (she also murdered a former husband who was also a piece of shit war) Ginny (Antonia Gentry) decides to run away after receiving confirmation of all of her worst fears about her mother, and takes her little brother (Diesel La Torraca) with likely season two to begin with all of the aftermath of Ginny’s actions

There are also a ton of dangling questions, including: Will Georgia ever get together with cute restaurant owner Joe (Raymond Ablack), who she actually met when she was a runaway teen herself? Will private detective Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr) keep trying to pick Georgia for her misdeeds? Will Georgia end up marrying the great Mayor Paul (Scott Porter)? And what about Ginny’s love triangle? Will she be back with her neighbor Marcus (Felix Mallard)? Will she ever make up with her friends, including Marcus’ twin sister Max (Sara Waisglass)? Seriously! So much remains unanswered

It all comes back to the fact that Ginny and Georgia are more similar than they are different, even though Ginny is really mad at her mom. Creator Sarah Lampert told O that the writers always wanted to build on that cliffhanger, “She does just what her mother does: Always running, “Lampert said. It’s hard to imagine that Ginny will be away from Wellsbury for a very long time. Do you remember when Buffy left Sunnydale at the beginning of season three to wait at a diner, but…” was soon back in their old houses? Yes, it will probably be something like that

I really hope so, Ginny’s friend Hunter (Mason Temple) is doing a birthday tap dance at school with little explanation and I still have so many questions

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