The theory came about years ago when Twitter users contrasted various images of the first lady with the hashtag #FakeMelania, recent comments on Ms. Trump’s seemingly altered appearance pointed to her choice of style and even her facial features and mannerisms

A Twitter user said: “I don’t know, but is that really Melania? Since when have you seen her wearing apartments ?!

Another comment added, “OMG! It’s amazing how there are still people who don’t know Trump is using a Melania double !! “

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Donald Trump previously denied the theories of the body double conspiracy and accused the media of editing pictures of Ms. Trump

In a tweet sent in March 2019, the US president described the news media as “disturbed” as he tried to expose the bizarre remarks

He wrote, “The fake news photoshopped pictures of Melania and then started conspiracy theories that she was not by my side in Alabama and other places

She said, “Once again we are faced with a ridiculous story when we could talk about the work the First Lady is doing for our nation”

The news comes after Donald Trump, along with his family and friends, missed his annual New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago

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He was reportedly “dissatisfied” with his wife Melania’s renovations at the resort, sparking rumors of the president’s absence

One person who attended the event informed DailyMail mitcom that people who attended the event with a ticket price of 1$ 000 per capita participated, had to be either a member of the club or a guest of a member to be admitted

Photos from the gala showed people not wearing face masks, although the ballroom usually housed hundreds of people at a time

It’s unclear how many guests were in attendance this year, but at least 500 tickets were reserved by Wednesday, according to CNN

Mr Trump was reportedly in a dark mood at the exclusive club during the holiday season after seeing some renovations commissioned by Mrs Trump

According to CNN, Mr Trump was instantly upset about the decorations he saw three days before Christmas

One of the sources told the news agency that Mr. Trump was “not happy” with the facility

Another source told CNN that the mood at the club this Christmas is not quite right compared to previous years

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