As the airlines continue to have problems, they are finding ways to now sell anything to keep money going

The airline is making its signature blueberry juice drink available for purchase in supermarkets across Finland. From December, it will be sold in a selection of over 300 K Group grocery stores in Finland

In 2014, Finnair introduced blueberry juice as a branded drink. Until the pandemic, it managed to supply over a million liters on board every year

Finnair’s blueberry juice drink is made in Turku on the southwest coast of Finland, Eckes-Granini

“Blueberry juice has been an integral part of the Finnair customer experience and is loved by many of our customers”

“We wanted to offer our customers who have a passion for travel and who want to enjoy Finnair from the comfort of their home, this delicious drink that has become a firm favorite of the Finnair flying experience”

With one million gallons of juice running nowadays, such a move seems to help preserve jobs (or at least free staff from vacation and get back to work)

That means income – for both factory workers and Finnair. In these times every penny counts

For those who miss flying, it is a chance to get a little bit of the passenger experience at home

As airlines turn to their inventory and low value items, there will be some who will carefully consider what they are offering the passenger and what else can be monetized

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