css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Democratic nominee Raphael Warnock is expected to win the first of two exciting Senate races in Georgia and knock Republican Kelly Loeffler off

With 98% of the votes counted, US television and the Associated Press news agency called the race for Mr Warnock

Control of the Senate during the first two years of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s term is determined by the outcome of the second runoff election

The election is being retried because none of the candidates in the November parliamentary elections achieved the 50% required by state rules to win

If this were confirmed, Mr. Warnock would become the first black senator for the state of Georgia – a slave state in the U.S. Civil War – and only 11th become black senator in US history

Mr Warnock claimed victory, paying tribute to his mother, Verlene, who worked as a farm laborer as a teenager

“The other day – because this is America – the 82-year-old hands who used to pick someone else’s cotton went to the polls and chose their youngest son to be the United States Senator,” he said

Although Mr Biden’s Democrats would have to take both seats to take full control of Congress, outgoing President Donald Trump’s Republican Party only needs to win one to keep the Senate

Candidates in both races were in a dead heat, with 98% of the ballots coming from the 159 counties of Georgia being counted

Mr Warnock has an edge over Ms Loeffler, while Republican David Perdue is linked to Democrat Jon Ossoff

Thousands of votes remain to be counted in the Atlanta suburbs like DeKalb County, which are expected to be of great concern to the Democrats, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling told CNN that the final results on Wednesday lunchtime (approx 17:00 GMT) would be expected

More than three million votes – about 40% of the state’s registered voters – were cast before Tuesday. An early vote was a key benefit for Mr Biden in the November White House elections

Meanwhile, Mr Trump – whose unsubstantiated claim that he was a victim of election fraud, Republican strategists concerned about turnout in Tuesday’s Senate runoff – continued to speak out about the integrity of the Georgia vote

On Saturday, Mr. Trump urged top Republican official Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, to “find” enough votes to overthrow Mr. Biden’s presidential election victory in the state

If both Democrats win, the Senate will be split evenly between 50 and 50, giving the new Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris the casting vote

This would be vital to getting Mr Biden’s agenda through, including on key issues such as health and environmental regulation – policy areas highly contested by Republicans

The Senate also has the power to approve or reject Mr Biden’s candidates for cabinet and judicial posts

If Mr Ossoff and Mr Warnock both win, the White House, Senate and House of Representatives would be brought under democratic control for the first time since President Barack Obama took office in 2009

Mr Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud may have undermined voter confidence in the electoral system, according to polls by Edison Research

The poll of voters leaving polling stations found that around 70% of them were very or fairly confident that their votes would be counted accurately, a nearly 15% decrease from the November White House elections / p>

Polls on the exit showed that Georgians were in a clear split over which party they wanted to control Congress: 49% preferred Republicans, while 48% said the Democratic Party

The demographics were roughly the same as in November Black voters, who made up 29% of the electorate, favored the Democratic candidates nine to one, while the Republicans won the majority of white voters

And those polls showed that most voters repeated the decisions made in November Georgians who supported Mr Trump cast ballots for Mr Perdue and Ms Loeffler, while Biden supporters did the same for Mr Warnock and Mr Ossoff

While the results are not final, Republicans’ concerns about the two runoff elections in Georgia appear to be well founded, their voters not showing up in the numbers they hoped for in the elections Meanwhile, higher-level Democrats have emerged in County after county, both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock topped their general election numbers

The two Democrats, who at times worked as a team, seemed to complement each other in the electoral coalitions. Warnock has energized black voters across the state educated voters in Atlanta at

If it turns out that both Mr Ossoff and Mr Warnock gain the upper hand, Donald Trump will be given substantial debt for Republican defeats.The party that loses the White House usually does better, not worse, in subsequent Congressional elections And Georgia is still a traditionally conservative state despite Joe Biden’s victory
Instead, the two races were dead heat as Mr Trump spent most of his time and energy fighting his election defeat and throwing attacks on Republican heads of state

Turns out this may not have been a wise electoral strategy – and it could cost Republicans control of the Senate

None of the candidates reached the 50% required to finally win the November elections, which forced Tuesday’s runoff under Georgian electoral rules

Mr. Perdue almost prevailed against Mr. Ossoff, a former filmmaker, the first time and with 49 just missed the required majority7%

The other seat had more candidates, with Democrat Warnock recording 329% to Ms. Loeffler’s 259%

A Democrat hasn’t won a Senate race in Georgia in 20 years, but the party was strengthened by Mr Biden’s victory in the presidential election against Mr Trump there, Mr Biden’s profit margin was about 12000 votes out of five million votes cast

If elected, Mr Warnock would become Georgia’s first black US Senator, and 33-year-old Mr Ossoff would be the youngest member of the Senate since Mr Biden in 1973

Mr. Warnock is the pastor for the Atlanta Church where the assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr grew up and preached

Major political drama will develop in Washington DC on Wednesday when lawmakers gather for a special joint session to confirm the results of the November presidential election

The typical procedural matter – which will confirm Mr Biden’s victory – is unusually controversial, with about a dozen Republican senators swearing to question the results

The group led by Senator Ted Cruz, which includes Ms. Loeffler, would like a 10-day delay to investigate unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud, The move will almost certainly fail as most Senators are expected to Confirm results that have already been certified by the US states

Vice President Mike Pence will chair the session in his role as President of the Senate

He was pressured by Mr Trump this week to refuse certification, but the Vice President told Mr Trump at Tuesday’s weekly lunch that New York said he had no authority in Congress to block Mr Biden’s victory at Mal Mr Trump said the report was “false news”

Supporters of Mr. Trump demonstrate in the capital and contest the presidential election Mr. Trump is expected to hold a “Save America Rally” in the capital of the country on Wednesday The mayor has asked that the National Guard be deployed for fear of unrest in the city becomes

President Trump has refused to give the election to Mr Biden, who received 306 votes for Mr Trump’s 232 votes in the US electoral college, confirming the president

The US television broadcasting project Raphael Warnock becomes the first black Senator for the southern state

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