The fourth crown season is almost eventful. The latest entry in the Anthology of the House of Windsor by Peter Morgana reveals everything from fairy-tale courtship and troubled marriages of the Prince and Princess of Wales to economic inequalities in England from the late 1970s to the end of the last century Eighties of the last century from the perspective of the monarchy A deep dive into the royals’ troubled relationship with their audience and themselves, the historical drama arrives at its sweet spot as it paints some of the Windsors ???? The most difficult moments may focus the plot on those within the line of succession, but her exploration of Margaret Thatcher is no less persuasive. The first Prime Minister serves as a frustration for Queen Elizabeth II’s leadership style of non-interference with her workaholic tendencies and willingness to create enemies as she pushes through her conservative branding focus On the free market and in favor of privatization, Thatcher is the polar antithesis of the Queen.The clash between the two women is the highlight of the new episodes (sorry, Charles and Diana), thanks to the well-documented tension within their relationship and the displays of power of Olivia Coleman and Gillian Anderson

Anderson’s transformation was particularly remarkable; You won’t see shadows from X’s favorite Dana Scully or parody sex therapist, Dr. Jan Milburn in her interpretation of Thatcher equal parts steel and maternal, her character’s duality is explored throughout the season Despite the complexities, Thatcher’s story could seem by heart in fewer hands that she, after All, one of the most controversial and divisive political figures of the twentieth century, but Anderson brought new layers to the Iron Lady. To do so means approaching the role without prejudice. “I realized when I started working on it that I don’t have many of my own views” ???? My opinions were adopted from other people, ???? I shared it on the phone from London â €? She lives especially in Yuk, where people feel strong feelings about her in one way or another from my experience, it is useful to set aside the preconceptions and thoughts of the character before she begins to dive into her beliefs and motives, especially when playing a historical figurea???? To fill in the blanks, an intense search began that included reading biographies, watching countless documentaries, and entering the psyche of politicians. â € As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of information out there, ???? “Over time, one starts to internalize these things, and then when you finally get the script, it leaks out to you in a way that informs you about the decisions you make while playing the character,” Anderson says.

The creations of The Crown stylist, Amy Roberts, transformed Anderson too. Known for her water suits, sensible Asprey handbags and her bouffant hairstyle, Thatcher’s version of tough clothing was an important part of her image; getting the right look included trial and error with everything from From tailoring to the delicate makeup of the era I was sitting in the chair of hair and makeup while they were trying to work on their contributions, and when I got close to popping up like her, I was taking mirror pictures because she was like, Oh, my God, oh my God, look, here it is, ???? Anderson says that was a very long process [finding] the particular blue eyeshadow that felt like it was from the 1970s and 1980s, but it wasn’t completely opaque, and the special rule that was not ???? It’s too heavy for 4K HD all these options have been thought of very carefully so when they try to try different versions of things some looked more like them than others, and it was always exciting when we got close â €

In recent years, actors have vanished for their roles as celebrities through the use of undetectable prosthetics or CGI magic – think Bombshell’s superhero Charlize Theron Megyn Kelly or the removal of computerized aging that allowed Robert De Niro to play three decades in a gangster’s life Frank Sheeran in The Irishman A technological helping hand can improve performance, but Anderson chose to walk the old road. She embodies Thatcher through slight changes in posture, sound and movement, a decision that I felt was appropriate. I will need to make myself look older, ”Anderson says. We have a similar nose and we have somewhat similar eyes where we all have a hooded eyelid ???? Initially, the idea of ​​wearing a dental prosthesis was floated, but it proved to be a distraction â € She has very distinct teeth ???? “They weren’t great, and she covered them a few times while she was in the office. Someone built a matching prosthesis, but it was too much and it didn’t look natural at all. We tried different ways of staining and coloring, and it made a hole, but in the end, we decided not to do,” Anderson says. So [instead,] I discovered a way to hold my mouth so that I had more sting mixing that, her tilted head, and her movements ended up being enough â €

Once the aesthetic is mastered, the real fun begins: Going with Queen Elizabeth Coleman â ?? This was one of the highlights, ???? Knowing I would have plenty of time to work on the other side of Olivia, Anderson says, understanding why I expressed her so strongly in those scenes makes sense, and these two got involved in these very cryptic matches ???? Key moments like the clash of apartheid and disputes over austerity appear in tense conditions where every performer is at their best. It was exciting to watch, and Anderson felt a degree of anxiety prior to filming. “Those were the scenes that I was looking at more and more and more at the same time,”? ??? “Those were long, consecutive days of doing the viewer and discovering how to make her feel different enough while also making her feel that we are moving through time and setting the course of Thatcher’s past,” she says.

Despite taking a lead role in the best known program on the monarchy, Anderson does not consider herself an expert in royalty or even being held captive by Windsors ???? Continuous media coverage The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 was a source of Anderson’s interest, and the polarized tabloid coverage that characterized the response to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage and the subsequent move to Los Angeles preserves what she calls an “anthropological interest” ???? In the current events within the royal family, “I felt that the choices that [William and Kate] made were classy, ​​and lifted your U’s spirit, but I haven’t paid much attention to the drama over the years,” she says, “I’m curious about Meghan’s experience and the degree to which it is. She felt it was included or not listed. How different it was for her in terms of treatment in the press â € “???

Anderson may not be preoccupied with the ongoing story of the Windsor family, but her partner Morgan, through an unofficial trilogy of Tony Blair films (The Deal, The Special Relationship, and The Queen) as well as The Crown, has become a de facto historian of all things royals and politics. British Anderson’s role was the first time the duo had worked together, but the mix of business and pleasure was easier than expected “It was special,” she says. [Once] he got an assurance from the casting director that they were interested in me by doing it, we realized that this was something that we were going to go ahead with and we had quite a few discussions about whether we were crazy Will this be the end of our relationship? At various times we were nervous about it, so we set some strong boundaries ???? Rather than splitting any differences of opinion head-on, Morgan and Anderson kept matters at a professional level, working with their managers on each issue to ensure any disagreements stayed in place. â € Having someone to discuss things with someone outside the relationship working for us, ???? You say “???? Once we realized we could enjoy the process and because we set those boundaries, we had a great time so much that we started thinking about what we could do together â €

After receiving enthusiastic comments about her performance the day since the series launched, Anderson added another daring image of a strong woman to her expanded film currently working for black theater hero ???? Working in London’s West End and preparing for the third season of sex education, Anderson is busy by supporting the next generation of talent however, having played a prime minister, an FBI agent, a socially mobile social worker and almost everything in between, her next challenge could be Simply finding a way to turn expectations upside down “They are often asked if there is a reason to keep playing this strong” and I hate using that word “female characters,” “???? she says – there is a part of me who thinks it would be nice to do something completely different and play a character who is really struggling to Connect with her sense of strength, self-esteem and sense of purpose, someone who is not living up to his potential These are things that I have lived through in my life and it will be interesting to explore them furthermore, I think it’s about time I played a criminal! Â

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