Activist groups in Georgia who have been the backbone of efforts to turn Georgia blue this electoral cycle have not slowed down their newest target January to run again for election 5 for the runoff of the Senate

How the runoff elections play out will determine the fate of the Senate If Democrats switch two seats, they have a wafer-thin majority in the chamber, but if the Republicans keep at least one of the seats, they keep the chamber under control

A GOP-controlled Senate would be a significant barrier to the future Biden administration, which has a list of policy proposals to see during the election of President-elect Joe Biden Joe BidenBiden Increases Voting Headroom Over Trump After Milwaukee County Retold Cancer According to allegations of foreign interference in 2020, the new DOJ rules could allow electrocuted executions and lay off MORE’s first few months in office

Biden’s victory marked the first time a Democratic presidential candidate had promoted the state since 1992, and much of the credit for turning the state around went to a strong coalition of grassroots organizations, including the New Georgia Project and the groups it supports The gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) who worked to get blacks and other underrepresented voters to vote while fighting voter suppression

Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project, told The Hill that the equation of success has not changed: “Georgia elections are determined by who shows up and whose votes are counted”

“There is no world in which a [12670] There is a difference in votes, a 025 percent difference in votes would have resulted in a Biden win, but for the work of groups like the New Georgia Project and Fair Fight Action and the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda to protect the integrity of our elections, “said Ufot with reference to Biden’s narrow profit margin

“We’re talking about millions of text messages, millions of phone calls. We knocked on nearly half a million doors in the middle of a pandemic, exposing millions of impressions to our digital ad content designed to neutralize the disinformation and misinformation of black and brown voters are ”, explained Ufot

An analysis by the New York Times found that the majority of black districts in the state broke one point more for Biden than for Hillary Clinton Auxiliary Diane Rodham ClintonValadao resigns Cox in election campaign Trump says he will leave the White House if Biden electoral college’s declared winner has done it with Trump – now we’re ready to go back to work in 2016 In districts that were over 80 percent black or mostly Spanish, it was half a point worse. Compared to 2016, black voters also made up slightly fewer voters in Georgia

This means that nationwide, black Americans, especially black women, were once again the Democrats’ most loyal electoral bloc this election cycle, suggesting that if black turnout increased, Democrats could gain ground in the runoff election

In Nov 3 election, sen David PerdueDavid PerdueTrump set for unprecedented lame duck phase Feinstein leaves the top post stage for the judicial battle House Democrat accused the Air Force of influencing Georgia’s runoff election MORE (R) has Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff with less than 100000 votes surpassed, but failed to secure 50 percent of the vote.The referee Raphael Warnock (D) actually beat Sen Kelly LoefflerKelly LoefflerTrump for precedent-Lame-Duck-period Feinstein farewell to the top post-set stage for the House Democrat judicial battle accused the Air Force of having more than 340 in the special state Senate electionInfluencing 000 votes also does not get half of the votes

Both GOP incumbents are currently favored as Loeffler is expected to receive a hefty boost from the Georgians who voted for Rep. Doug CollinsDouglas (Doug) Allen CollinsMajority says they want the GOP in control of the Senate : Poll The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington, DC – Trump, Biden clash over raid, pandemic plans Georgia Secretary of State Says Secretary of State has received threatening texts about recount from MORE (R) in November He was the woman Third place

Georgians “said ‘we are voting all the time, yes we are getting closer’ but this time we voted and we actually did it, which validates and gives people the inspiration to say … ‘we can do it again , ” Martin Luther King III told The Hill

King III, the oldest living child of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Yang, who was co-founded with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, and Hollywood should end their talks to Georgia Andrew Yang: The Democrats have to accept the message that the government is working for them Andrew Yang moves to Georgia to help the Democrats MORE in the Senate runoff elections (D) and a handful of other celebrities win both seats, a fundraiser in support of grassroots organizations in Georgia like the New Georgia Project

One of the priorities for grassroots groups in the state, according to King III, are young voters

The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University estimates that more than half of voters under 30 voted this election cycle, making up 17 percent of all votes in the country, which was even higher in Georgia , with youth voters accounting for 20 percent of all votes in the state

What is more encouraging to Democrats is that 90 percent of black youth voters in the state voted for Biden, which is why Biden surpassed Trump by 187 with 18-29 year olds in Georgia000 votes Better still, from the Democratic perspective, there are around 23 in Georgia000 17-year-olds who were younger than 18 January 18 will be 5 years old, which means they are eligible to vote

“Georgia is the number one state in the country with a jump of 35 percent from youth registration of [2016] to youth voter registration of [2020],” said Ufot. “And so it is crucial, it is important and they are definitely part the progressive majority of Georgia ”

In addition, the final voting data released last Friday by the Georgia Board of Elections showed a significant amount of “under-voting,” a somewhat common occurrence where voters only vote for the presidential candidate and no voting rounds

Over 46000 Georgians voted in the presidency, but not in the Perdue-Ossoff race. More than 83000 voters did the same in the Loeffler-Warnock race

Ufot, King III and LaTosha Brown, co-founders of Black Voters Matter (BVM), emphasized educating about the issues and the candidates as another priority

“There’s a certain dynamic,” Brown told The Hill as she went to Savannah through Georgia to get the vote as part of the BVM bus tour campaign. “I think people will get a little bit more to the race Pay more attention than in a normal election year but I think so we need to educate people about the importance of this race in relation to Georgia ”

We need to explain “why voting is an important tactic and a broader strategy to bring about the change [Georgians] are seeking,” said Ufot. “Some of it takes time; you have to listen. People will tell you what they care, people will tell you what their priorities are … It’s a great honor and privilege and we try to be thoughtful as we talk [with Georgians] about votes and why [it matters] ”

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