The company was liquidated at the end of January Lassi Nyyssönen of Fenno Attorneys at Law was appointed liquidator, but after assessing the situation, decided that liquidation proceedings were not feasible

“It quickly became clear that the company’s clear, undisputed debts exceeded its assets, which of course does not include any potential damages payable as a result of the data breach,” Nyyssönen told Yle

According to the registration, the company has assets of around 22 million euros, but debts of almost six million euros

Nyyssönen also has a tentative agreement to sell the company to Verve, a provider of occupational health and safety services, which the company serves around 6000 customers in many Finnish cities

“However, Verve was in a class of its own for the scope and terms of its offering, and most importantly, it is capable of providing work to all [current employees],” he said

“You were in a difficult and very stressful situation for a very long time. Negative advertising for your employer did not contribute to job satisfaction at all,” he said

The aim is for the bankruptcy ruling to be finalized by the court on Monday.If everything goes according to plan, the transfer of business and employees would be on Jan. March take place

The Vastaamo Clinic encourages its clients to discuss the continuation of their therapy with their own therapist or psychiatrist at Verve. The aim is to interrupt treatment as little as possible

Instead, every customer relationship at Verve starts with a clean slate, says Vastaamo

Last October, Vastaamo announced that after hacking its database, confidential information about its customers had been leaked and hackers attempted to extort money in exchange for its return

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