PPG Industries IncPPG stock looks promising right now The company’s shares have risen 20% in the past three months Benefiting from restructuring initiatives, cost management measures and strategic acquisitions We view the company’s outlook as positive and believe the time is right for you to to add the stock to the portfolio as it looks promising and is ready to move the momentum forward, PPG Industries currently has a Zacks Rank 2 (Buy) and a VGM value of B. Our research shows that stocks with a VGM value of A or B combined with a Zacks rank 1 (strong buy) or 2 offer the best investment opportunities for investors, so let’s dig deeper into the factors that make this color giants an attractive one right now Making choice for investors

Shares of PPG Industries are up 39% over the past six months while the industry is up 30%. It has also surpassed the S&P 500’s roughly 196% gain over the same period

Over the past two months, the Zacks consensus estimate for PPG Industries for the current year has increased by around 4.8%. The consensus estimate for 2021 has also been revised up 57% over the same period.The favorable changes in the estimates create investor confidence in the share

PPG Industries continues to strive to increase returns for shareholders while capitalizing on strong cash flows.In July 2020, it increased its quarterly dividend by 6% to 54 cents per share.In particular, PPG Industries ended its annual dividend payout for the 49th Consecutive Increase In addition, more than $ 800 million in cash from operations was generated in the third quarter

The company is actively managing costs in a challenging environment due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the third quarter, PPG Industries saw more than $ 35 million in additional structural savings from corporate restructuring programs and approximately $ 90 million in cost savings from various interim initiatives expects restructuring savings of $ 30 million to $ 35 million in the fourth quarter

PPG Industries Takes Steps to Inorganically Grow Business Through Strategic Acquisitions The acquisition of specialty materials maker Dexmet Corporation has enabled the company to add value to its customers by enhancing product offerings and expanding R&D capabilities, complementing the purchase of Industria Chimica Reggiana Also the company’s current product offering for the automotive refinish and light industrial paint industries earlier this year, the company also completed the acquisition of Alpha Coating Technologies, The company recently agreed to acquire Ennis-Flint, a global coatings manufacturer that will help PPG Industries with this to expand its product portfolio and expand opportunities for rapidly evolving, high-growth mobility technology solutions. Acquisitions are expected to help the company grow its sales this year gen

Other prime stocks to consider in the materials space include Bunge Limited BG, Impala Platinum Holdings Limited IMPUY, and BHP Group BHPBunge has an expected earnings growth rate of 435% for the current year % Up It currently carries a Zacks Rank 1 For the full list of today’s Zacks # 1 Rank stocks, please click here Impala Platinum has an expected earnings growth rate of 1317% for the current fiscal year, with the company’s shares up roughly 37% over the past year, and it currently carries A Zacks Rank 1 The BHP Group has a projected earnings growth rate of 324% for the current fiscal year The company’s shares have gained around 21% in one year It is currently a Zacks Rank 1

Each stock has been selected as the # 1 Favorite Stock by a Zacks expert to hit 100% or more in 2020. Each comes from a different sector and has unique properties and catalysts that could fuel exceptional growth in most stocks Fly under the Wall Street radar in this review, which is a great opportunity to get into the ground floor, check out these 5 potential home runs today >>

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Stand back and see the bigger picture Markets are on the upswing this week, with gains in all three major indices amid optimism about a coronavirus stimulus bill, at times like these, it’s tempting to jump on a train and buying up the growth stocks to take advantage of the broader trends But is this really the best bit? Wells Fargo analysts point to sky-high dividend-yielding stocks from companies that have also demonstrated their dedication to dependable payouts.This type of high-yielding, dependable dividend payer is commonly seen as a defensive portfolio move that supports income streams during the fat times ready for the lean After the year we’ve just had, it may be time to take Wells Fargo’s advice and look into protecting old-school portfolios The TipRanks database sheds additional light on two of Wells Fargo’s recommendations – stocks with a dividend yield of 8% – and which the firm sees an upward trend of 15% or better. TC Pipelines LP (TCP) Starting with the energy industry, TC Pipelines is, as the name suggests, a player in the midstream sector The company owns and operates a network of natural gas through its subsidiaries pipelines in the United States and Canada and is responsible for transporting up to 25% of all natural gas used in North America. The company’s network connects and extends to Northern British Columbia and Alberta with the Great Lakes and Appalachian gas regions Ports on the US Gulf Coast TCP shares fell this year of the “Corona Crisis” and posted a 21% loss since the start of the year However, sales showed much lower volatility The return on sales fell by 10% from the end of 2019 to its low point in the second Quarter 20 and recovered to 99 million in the third quarter USD, a 42% sequential gain third quarter earnings of 90 cents per share showed sequential profit of 13% and profit of 18% year over year. During the quarter, the company also reported cash payouts totaling 47 million This included the 65-cent dividend per common share, a payment that has remained constant for over two years in the longer term, TCP has a 21-year history of dividend reliability, with the current payment annualized at $ 2.60 per share and yields 82 % Praneeth Satish, analyst at Wells Fargo, wrote the report on TC Pipelines, saying, “TCP reported solid results for the third quarter. Inflows and utilization rates have largely remained unchanged throughout the pandemic and expansion projects are largely on schedule / budget We consider the stock fundamentally undervalued given its attractive yield, robust coverage and improved balance sheet. In line with these comments, Satish rates the stock as overweight (i.e. Buy) and has a price target of $ 41 that is an upside of 35% for the year ahead implies (To see Satish’s track record, click hereAnalysts’ consensus on TCP is not unanimous, but almost The consensus rating for strong buy is supported by 3 buys against a single hold Stocks sell for $ 3039 and the average target price of $ 4033 means an upward movement of ~ 33% (See TCP stock analysis on TipRanks) Golub Capital BDC (GBDC) The second stock today is Golub Capital, a midsize business development company Golub provides financing and credit solutions to midsize companies that may otherwise have difficulty accessing capital markets. Golub’s portfolio includes a managed one Net worth more than $ 30 billion – The company posted a sharp and deep drop in price last winter as the corona crisis hit the economy. Stocks remained depressed until early May, but have risen slowly since May GBDC is up 53% year-to-date, but the stock is down 17% quarterly results have been volatile this year, with the first quarter posting deep losses, the second quarter rebounding, and the third quarter sequential declines to $ 98 million EPS was with 57 cents solid, a big improvement on last year’s EPS loss of $ 1 .02Golub paid 29 cents per share its common stock dividend for the third straight quarter, the third straight quarter at this level The company has a reliable payout history that spans over a Going back a decade, and the habit of adjusting dividend payments to keep them sustainable, the current payment is $ 116 per common share, yielding an 84% return. Among the fans is Wells Fargo analyst Finian O’Shea in his latest announcement, too Golub stated the analyst: “GBDC continues to see operational performance at the portfolio level, constr uive sponsorship and improvements to the businesses most affected by shutdowns when the economy reopens In our view, GBDC is a high quality quartile 1 BDC with a shareholder-friendly structure, strong asset quality and scalability through resources of the Golub Capital platform “In line with these bullish comments, O’Shea rates Golub as overweight (ie Buy), and price target of $ 16 suggests the stock has room for 16% growth over the next year (To view O’Shea’s track record, click hereThe consensus rating for moderate buy at Golub comes from an even split between buy and hold ratings.The average price target for the stock is $ 16, which is in line with O’Shea’s, and the current trading price is $ 1375 (See GBDC stock analysis too TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those presented Analysts Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

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Sometimes the best investment strategy is to follow a market leader, and corporate insiders have long been popular executives.Your combination of responsibility to their shareholders and access to under-the-hood information about their companies adds a touch of authority to their personal investment decisions The most important thing about these insiders is that whatever they do, they are expected to turn their businesses into profitability – shareholders want a return on investment, boards of directors want accountability, and company executives adhere to both standards start buying up their own company’s shares, this is a sign that investors should conduct further investigation.In order to improve the playing field for information, state regulators have required insiders to regularly publish their stock transactions so it’s easy for investors to follow. Better yet, TipRanks summarizes the information on the Hot Stocks page from Insiders, and provides tools and data filters to make it easy for you to browse raw data. We have three stocks with recently Starting with the popular Del Taco, the California-based taco chain Del Taco has a market cap of $ 344 million, over 600 Restaurants and a loyal fan base, which makes it a solid foundation in the fast food franchise market.Most of the company’s locations are west of the Mississippi, but the company has made its way into the eastern US, like many stationary, traffic-dependent businesses Del Taco had a tough year The coronavirus crisis had dampened traffic, social and economic lockdown m Measures Have Reduced Income Flows The Company Has Begun To Recover After heavy net losses at the beginning of the year, EPS has returned to positive numbers and third-quarter sales of 120 million USD rose more than 15% sequentially, the share price, which fell two-thirds at the height of the economic crisis last winter, has recovered its losses, TACO is now trading 17% for the year Insiders are bullish on the stock’s recent buy who helps steer the sentiment needle into positive territory comes from board member Eileen Aptman, who is 88952 shares bought and over 650Spend $ 000 Wedbush analyst Nick Setyan reports on Del Taco and rates the stock as outperforming (ie buying) His $ 13 shows the level of his confidence, indicating 40% growth (To see Setyan’s track record, click here) Supported his stance, Setyan wrote, “We believe that TACO’s current valuation is based on an overly pessimistic view of medium to long term fundamentals in a post-COVID QSR environment… Even with what we do We assume that conservative assumptions have been made on Comp, growth of units and margins by 2022 We estimate EPS growth to be 12% through 2022. We estimate that 1% of the incremental compensation equals $ 004-006 in incremental EPS and every 10 basis points of incremental margin equals USD001 in incremental EPS in our “Total gives up.” the road leading Del Taco’s path to little doing right now, and just one other analyst interfering on the stock’s An additional hold rating means TACO qualifies as a moderate buy average price target is $ 11 and implies a potential plus of ~ 19% (see TACO stock analysis on TipRanksCuriosityStream (CURI) Next up is CuriosityStream, an online video streaming channel in the education segment.CuriosityStream specializes in factual video content and offers subscription services.The channel has over 13 million subscribers worldwide. Its founder, John Hendricks, was born in 1985 with the Discovery Channel, a cable TV channel with a similar theme, is famous for CuriosityStream, which is new to the public markets and was listed on the stock exchange earlier this year through a merger with Software Acquisition, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) that started as a blank check company on It It’s no surprise insiders are making big buys in new stocks, but the moves at CuriosityStream deserve attention John Hendricks made three big buys earlier this month and bought blocks of 15 in four days473 shares, 26000 shares and 11684 shares on Hendricks paid 473$ 561 for the new shares to cover the inventory for B Riley, analyst Zack Silver, wrote, “We see CURI as well positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning global streaming market and establish itself as a no-nonsense programmer for the post-pay TV age. The subscription video-on-demand CURI’s service (SVOD) differs not only in the sheer amount of curated factual titles available on the platform, but also in its convincing price We anticipate CURI’s strategy of monetizing its content across multiple revenue streams will enable a more efficient way to scale… “Silver rates the stock at a buy, and its price target of $ 16 implies an uptrend of 40% for one year (To see Silver’s track record, click here) CURI has a moderate buy analyst consensus rating based on 2 recent buy ratings with an average target price of $ 14, suggesting this stock can grow ~ 23% from the current trading price of $ 1150 (See CURI stock analysis on TipRanks ) Allegheny Technologies (ATI) Last but not least, Allegheny Technologies, a metallurgy company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Allegheny has two business units: High-Performance Materials & Components, which specializes in titanium and nickel-based alloys, and Advanced Alloys & Solutions, which produces stainless steels and special steels, Electrical steels, duplex alloys, as well as zirconium, hafnium and niobium alloys, and the company’s metal technology is used in the electrical, automotive, aerospace and oil & gas production industries, Allegheny’s sales and shares have declined this year since the Unt business was hit by the corona crisis Disruptions in supply chains, sales networks and customer orders have had a negative impact, as have social and economic shutdown measures. Quarterly sales are up 37% from 955 million USD 598 million in the first quarter USD down in third quarter Shares are down 21% year-to-date All of this seems to make ATI a poor stock pick, but the company has used the time to save wisely and realign its production models, benchmark analyst Josh Sullivan pointed out, when he switched his stance from neutral to buy earlier this month, he wrote, “We are upgrading ATI to buy from hold following the company’s planned exit from stainless commodities. This move is changing ATI’s historic risk profile by removing the most volatile industry Separating from ATI’s stainless steel legacy has been a long-awaited investor goal Shutting down ATI can also avoid maintenance and possible overbuilding during the recovery phase. Additionally, Sullivan notes that aerospace business is likely to recover soon, which is a boon to Allegheny: “With the 737-MAX, the upward pressures of Airbus A320 production and the available vaccines, the ATI core aerospace focus will be more closely correlated directly with an aero recoverySullivan’s purchase rating includes a price target of $ 21, giving room for growth of 27 % implied in the next 12 months (To see Sullivan’s track record, click hereWhen we turn to insider trading, we find that the company’s CFO and SVP, Donald Newman, is on December 12th this month500 shares bought and over 210Paid $ 000 for the block Its total inventory is now 80All in all, Allegheny receives a consensus rating for a moderate buy based on an even split across 4 ratings of 2 buys and 2 holds.The stocks cost $ 1632 and the $ 18 average price target of 25 implies one Upside potential of ~ 12% (See ATI stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the insights into TipRanks’ stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts The Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

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PPG Industries

World News – FI – Here’s why you should buy PPG Industries (PPG) stock now

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