Another phase of coronavirus lockdown has forced students of all ages to endure another long period of distance learning as schools have closed This may have resulted in families lacking laptops and internet-enabled devices Desperate about how to access education services like Google Classroom from home

The following six consoles are comparable to the Google Classroom platform: Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro or PS5

The child at school will also need a USB keyboard that will give them full access to Google Classroom’s education services

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Educators can also connect with their students from anywhere, using a hybrid approach to both classes and virtual classes

Microsoft Edge can also be used to access Google Classroom, along with other online education services

First, connect a wired keyboard to an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S using one of the many USB ports

Next, press the Xbox button in the top center of the controller and navigate to the & apps in the side menu

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Now tap on Show All before scrolling down to apps where you want Microsoft Edge to appear in the icons on the right

Once opened, enter the ClassroomGoogle, come to the url bar and log into an educational Gmail account just like you would on a normal desktop or laptop computer

Students can either use an Xbox controller to move the cursor or a separate USB mouse plugged into one of the other ports

The PlayStation 4 has its own web browser which is easy to find on the PlayStation 4

Note, however, that this process is a little more difficult on the newer PS5 as the browser cannot be opened natively

This will open an online user manual in a PS5 web browser page, so all users need to do is change the URL. Otherwise, the rest of the steps are the same as for the PS4

First, connect a wired keyboard and mouse to one of the many USB ports on the PS4 or PS5

Next, enter the Google Classroom, visit the browser’s URL bar and log into Google Classroom Use the information provided by the student’s educational institution

After following these simple steps, the student should now be able to access Google Classroom using a Sony PS4 or PS5

Please note that under certain circumstances students may not be able to complete all tasks accessible on a laptop or PC


you can at least expect to access Google Classroom and discover the work assigned to them

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