To celebrate the 54th To mark Kurt Cobain’s birthday, we present a step-by-step guide to preserving his legendary grunge ‘do

The late Kurt Cobain was best known as the front man of Nirvana, but he was equally important in the rise of the laid-back grunge aesthetic that dominated the 1990s and the opulent and grandiose style of clothing we saw with the late 1980s connect, abolished


His hair was similar to Cobain’s rooted, straw-colored dyeing, synonymous with the carefree demeanor of the grunge movement and as iconic as the arrival of his MTV VMAs at Courtney Love

We spoke to Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London, to find out how you can get this hairstyle for yourself

If you’re starting out with virgin hair, instead of an all-round scalp bleach, you can create an intentional root for the vibrant look.To ensure this blends naturally, you’ll want to create a highlighted effect near the root to make a harsh one Avoiding Ribbon You can use our balayage kit that comes with a tool called a balayage board This tool makes it easy to apply and mix

If your hair is long, always start by cutting your hair in four quadrants (like a hot cross) and securing it with alligator clips, working one section through at a time

Mix up your bleach, then, starting with your first section, apply the bleach down the entire length, leaving a root about two to three inches in diameter

Then take the balayage board to blend the bleach into the root, taking small sections at a time, placing the board under the hair, and using the teeth on the board to roughly comb so that you get something wrinkled on top Having hair This will ensure that the bleach is applied in a mixed, incomplete manner and does not create a block or block effect

Paint the bleach on top of the root, leaving the combed back hair and about an inch on the scalp untouched for the full blown look.You can use kitchen wrap to seal your sections and avoid bleach carryover, repeat this process and go Him through

Once the bleach has turned a light yellow color, rinse it off.Check the color by scraping back some bleach with your paintbrush.You may want to rinse sections at once in order of application

When you finish bleaching and processing each section, use champagne super toner to correct brass

If you want to add warmth and gold to the blonde tone, finish with Just Like Honey Super Cool Color

Use the balayage kit that comes with a Plex Bleach Kit to lift the blonde, the balayage board to create the blended root during the bleach application, and Champagne Super Toner to mix brassy tones to sandy blonde correct

For all of the tools you need to mix, cut, and apply, use the Home Dyeing Toolkit, which comes with a tail comb, eco-conut reusable bowl, tint brush, and alligator clips to create a warmer golden blonde you can add Just Like Honey Super Cool Color as a final color step and style with Swamp Spritz, apply on damp hair and air dry for extra texture

This blonde looks easy to care for, it’s a natural sand color that requires less toning and the lived effect means you don’t have to worry about bleaching your roots as often, so use Just Like Honey Super every few washes to replenish gold tones Cool Color To keep hair moisturized, consider using treatments like the reincarnation mask to moisturize

A box of bleach is enough for lifting very short hair or when you need to touch up root regrowth However, to create this blonde on longer hair you will need at least two packs. The great thing about this messy blonde look is that you don’t have to be particularly precise with the mixed root application, however if you don’t have someone to help you with the bleach To apply through the back of the hair, set up two mirrors so you can see the back of your head

Kurt Cobain

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