Hulk Hogan was at the helm of WWE when they entered the PPV game.He was a fixture on their early events, but his appearances have been mixed

In the ’80s, there was no bigger professional wrestling star than Hulk Hogan, roaring on stage by defeating the hated Iron Sheikh for the WWE Championship and then ruling the company for the next decade, and he was world champion longer than almost each other and was the main event of his entire first decade at the company

It was Hogan who WWE built the company around when it went global, and he was the star of the main event when it decided to jump into the world of PPV events with WrestleMania starring Hulk Hogan, WWE had a huge hit and he was part of the first 10 PPVs in company history, both as a champion and as a top talent

WWE hosted its first Royal Rumble Match as an event on the USA Network in 1988 and it was a huge success As a result, WWE brought the event to its own PPV in 1989, where it has remained ever since

At this second Royal Rumble, WWE added its biggest stars to the match, including Hulk Hogan, which was before it was for a title shot, and Hogan was only there as a main attraction Participant and lasted 11 minutes before Akeem and Big Boss Man eliminated him

Hulk Hogan was also part of the traditional Survivor Series games as the first four of its specific PPV events

In the second in 1988 it was during Hulk Hogan’s partnership with macho man Randy Savage when the Mega Powers teamed up with Hillbilly Jim, Koko B, Ware & Hercules beats Big Boss Man, Akeem, the million dollar man, Haku & the red rooster The wild & Hogan was the last survivor and in the end overcame a 4-on-2 situation

The first three WrestleMania events had big Hulk Hogan matches, and the smaller of the three was at WrestleMania 2. In that match, Hulk Hogan did what he did best in the 80s, helping build a monster heel and punching then at a major event

In this case, it was King Kong Bundy WWE put her in the steel cage to make it look bad to Hogan, but the ending was unsatisfactory when Hogan escaped from the cage to win rather than nailing Bundy down

Hulk Hogan fought Andre the Giant in two of his first 10 PPV events, and the second was at WrestleMania IV That year, WWE decided to try something risky and hosted a tournament for the vacant WWE Championship then they said goodbye Andre and Hogan in the first round and let them fight in the second round

Neither man went any further as Hogan and Andre battled for a double disqualification, which meant neither man would be eliminated as champion.Hogan was back later when he and Andre were in the corners of Randy Savage and the Million Dollar Man stood, and Hogan helped Savage win his first world title

The only early WWE PPV that nobody really talks about is The Wrestling Classic.This was the second WWE PPV and followed WrestleMania while the first WrestleMania gave fans the chance to see Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper wrestling it’s a tag team match

At The Wrestling Classic, the two men had a rare individual match for the WWE Championship. Hogan won in seven minutes by disqualification as neither of them beat the other cleanly throughout their entire WWE career

The first WWE PPV pulled out all the stops with WrestleMania The event was showcased with a few mainstream stars including Muhammad Ali, Liberace, The Rockettes and even actors Mr T in a wrestling role

The main event was the team of Hulk Hogan with Mr. T versus Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff with Pat Patterson as referee In the end there were misunderstandings between Piper and Orndorff and Mr Wonderfully took the pinfall loss

Hulk Hogan was involved in a traditional Survivor Series match in the first-ever Survivor Series PPV in 1987. It was a heavyweight five-on-five game in the ring Hulk fought with Bam Bam Bigelow, Magnificent Muraco, Ken Patera and Paul Orndorff against Andre the Giant, Butch Reed, King King Bundy, One Man Gang and Rick Rude

This was a rare moment, the only loss Hulk Hogan suffered in his first 10 PPV games, Hogan was the only man eliminated without being pinned when he was pulled out of the ring and tallied in Bam Bam Bigelow eliminated King Kong Bundy and One Man Gang before Andre the Giant pinned him to the win

SummerSlam 1988 was named Mega Powers vs. The Mega Bucks It Was Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Andre the Giant and The Million Dollar Man with Jesse “The Body” Ventura as Special Guest Referee

During the game, Miss Elizabeth interfered as she did not get the ring apron, took off her skirt and took off her underwear to distract Andre and DiBiase. Hogan hit the leg kick and while Ventura refused to count the third time, Savage forced his Hand to hit the mat to end the match

The most historic match of the first 10 Hulk Hogan PPV appearances took place at WrestleMania III. WWE Champion Hulk Hogan competed against his former friend and the “undefeated” Andre the Giant

This match sold out a huge football stadium and remains one of the most important fights in wrestling history. During the competition, Hogan picked Andre up and bodyslam him, and Hulk eventually pinned Andre to keep his title

The best story in WWE in the ’80s was the Mega Powers Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were enemies, but they eventually banded together to fight a common enemy and the mega powers were formed

However, Savage was always jealous of any attention given to Miss Elizabeth and that led him to turn on Hogan Savage was WWF champion and led to WrestleMania V where Hogan challenged Savage for the title and beat him

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