Pablo Camilo stayed at the Cecil Hotel a year before Elisa Lam’s mysterious death in 2013, despite having been in Mexico during her accidental death, he has been wrongly identified as a suspect of her hypothetical murder

What happened to Elisa Lam? What did the elevator surveillance footage show? And where is the Cecil Hotel? Here are some details of the case

A Mexican heavy metal musician unrelated to Elisa Lam was at the center of a conspiracy theory surrounding the young Canadian’s mysterious death in 2013, and was even mistaken for it by internet pundits obsessed with the case referred to as a suspect

Pablo Camilo went by the stage name “Morbid” in 2012 when he booked a room at the Cecil Hotel near Skid Row in Los Angeles. The following year, Lam – a 21-year-old Canadian student who also went by her Cantonese name, stayed overnight Lam Ho Yi was known – at the hotel when she toured the west coast

She disappeared during her stay. Her body wasn’t discovered until weeks after her disappearance, when hotel residents complained about the water pressure. Lam’s body was found floating in one of the water towers on the hotel roof, as in Netflix’s new documentaries “Crime Scene: The disappearance at the Cecil Hotel “described

Investigators eventually decided her death was an accident and concluded that she died from accidental drowning A diagnosis of bipolar disorder was cited as a major contributor to her death, as the series reveals, she was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, which can include psychotic side effects and pauses

Due to some strange circumstances surrounding her death – including scary elevator footage showing that she was either talking to someone in the hallway or perhaps having a psychotic break – there was talk of conspiracy and wild theories, including some portraying the supernatural concerned ran rampant online as their story went global

Days after Lam’s death, Camilo uploaded a music video for a song called “Died in Pain,” in which a young girl is persecuted. He also posted videos in which theorists extracted the details of the hotel’s case and past and believed that they made allusions to the Cecil A video he uploaded shows a photo of “Black Dahlia” Elizabeth Short, whose infamous Los Angeles murder was never solved in 1947. It was rumored that Short was discovered at the hotel a few days before her death had been

Camilo stated in the documentaries that he was always attracted to the “dark” aspects of life, especially in his art. As the documentaries show, internet experts misunderstood him and falsely said online that Camilo was at the same time as Lam stayed at the Cecil Hotel. This misinformation spread quickly online and he was viewed as a suspect on internet forums An online witch hunt ensued, to make matters worse, at least one international outlet falsely called him a suspect, as a result of which he soon fell victim to online harassment and even death threats, he said

Camilo told the documentaries’ producers that he didn’t know who Lam was until he was branded a suspect online. Despite this, authorities investigated him but he was never charged as he was actually back in Mexico when she died / p>

In the new documentaries, Calmio accuses the online pundits of judging him solely on his clothing and art, saying he attempted suicide because he was falsely accused

“I survived, but a lot of people are bullied on the internet and don’t make it,” said Camilo

He added that the incident killed his urge to make music, but it didn’t suppress his interest in creating his IMDB page indicates he was successful as a filmmaker and actor

“For over 20 years he has compiled a wide variety of works including, but not limited to, screenwriting, screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing for feature films, short films, music videos, promotional videos and documentaries“Its bio-states

In 2016, Camilo enrolled in the filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy and later completed his MFA on the school campus in Los Angeles This emerges from a blog post by the institution from 2019

His IMDB page states that he is best known for writing, producing, directing and starring in “Necromurder: A Black Metal Story,” the story of the infamous murder of Euronymous, a Norwegian black metal musician , inspired in 1993

“When I’m done with ‘Necromurder’ (and it might take a while), I’ll definitely want to shoot my other scripts, really cool science fiction and serial killer stories I’ve written,” he agreed in 2019 NYFA “These films would look so cool if they were ever made. My plan is to solidify myself as a serious filmmaker and continue to bring high quality films and stories to the world! “

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