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It’s New Years Eve, which means your Instagram feed – if it’s anything like mine – is likely filled with people posting the “top 9” grids of their most popular photos from this year, but amazingly, all of them will Turning to sketchy-looking third-party apps and websites for another year to create them again, Instagram didn’t offer an official, automated way to curate the images in the app

As someone who personally enjoys using the top 9 format to look back on a year of great photos, I am completely confused – users seem to love putting the collages together to look back on their recent posts on Instagram even already offered grid tools that let you post photos in different layouts about your story and it certainly has access to the data

Just look at the popularity of Spotify’s Wrapped Year in Review feature dominating December, where users showcase their most streamed songs, genres, and stats Instagram needs to be aware of the trend – Instagram Stories are one of the most popular places for users to show their musical tastes

Also, Instagram is owned by Facebook, the company that pioneered automated videos in Year In Review. Facebook uses the power of algorithms to put together instant (if occasionally depressing) annual videos and “anniversary” highlights. It seems like a breeze To have users automatically create and approve the top nine posts But 2020 rolls by with no even the slightest hint of the idea

Instead, third-party services are available to users, with dozens of them skyrocketing on the App Store charts every year.These services often ask users to submit or insist on personal information such as their email addresses To watermark images or logos ugly

It’s easy to see how Instagram could streamline this process and even fix some of the weaknesses in most of the third-party options such as: B. the inability to generate top 9 grids for personal accounts

And yet it seems 2020 will end with Instagram dropping the ball on this seemingly obvious feature, I suppose there’s always 2021

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World news – FI – Instagram has once again let the ball fall on a top 9 year in review

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/31/22207149/instagram-top-nine-best-pictures-missing-feature-facebook