Italy’s premier teachers union opposes plans for educators under 55 to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine instead of bumps it believes provide better protection

ROM – Italy’s premier teachers union opposes plans for educators under 55 to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine instead of shocks it believes will provide better protection This is evidence that lobby groups are trying to get certain shots that the virus and its variants spread across Europe

The CISL schools union said in a statement on Monday that it wanted a meeting with the Italian government’s scientific committee, criticizing it for not having been consulted on the decision to start vaccinating teachers early, with some of the first 250000 AstraZeneca cans that came in over the weekend

The Italian government restarted its vaccination schedules last week after Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna cut vaccine shipments and granted Italy’s pharmaceutical company “preferential use” for AstraZeneca shots for people ages 18 to 55 The government is now targeting its Pfizer and Moderna shots to vaccinate people over 80, while targeting the AstraZeneca shots for younger, at-risk workers

Interim analysis from late-stage human studies showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was 70 years old, 4% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 after two doses Pfizer and Moderna reported preliminary results from late-stage studies showing that their vaccines were nearly 95% effective

Over the weekend, South Africa suspended plans to vaccinate its health care workers with AstraZeneca after a small clinical study showed it was ineffective at preventing mild to moderate disease of the prevalent variant in the country

So far, Italy has identified a person who tested positive with the variant from South Africa and arrived on a flight from the continent, although more cases of the variants identified in the UK and Brazil have occurred, but on Monday the Austrian government warned against traveling to the province of Tyrol, which borders on northern Italy, after 293 infections of the variant identified in South Africa had been confirmed there

Northern Italy has been the hardest hit part of the country since the first locally transmitted case was confirmed in Lombardy in February 21 and became Europe’s one-of-a-kind epicenter While infections across the country have been stable for several weeks? On Monday around 8000 new confirmed cases reported and 307 new deaths The number of infections and deaths remains highest in the northern regions, with more than 90000 deaths, Italy has the second highest confirmed COVID-19 number in Europe after Great Britain

The union said school workers asked if they should accept the AstraZeneca vaccine as it claimed a lower vaccination rate compared to the more effective vaccines from Pfizer and Modernaâ ????

Italy’s Virus Tsar Domenico Arcuri has defended the decision to target AstraZeneca vaccines to younger workers The dual aim of the Italian campaign is to reduce overall mortality among the elderly, who are most at risk of fatal complications, and to reduce mortality from spreading the virus among younger people

â ???? We have a new weapon that we can use to expand the categories to be vaccinated, “Arcuri told reporters on Friday

Originally, Italy’s national vaccination plan had given priority to health workers and nursing home residents with the first doses of vaccine, followed by people over the age of 80

But the new “preferred use” ???? The label for AstraZeneca footage means a parallel campaign for teachers under 55, law enforcement, armed forces, prisoners and prison officials, and key community workers and residents begins this week

So far, Italy has administered more than 2.5 million doses. On Monday in Rome, the first doses for people over 80 who did not live in nursing homes began in local hospitals

“I have seven grandchildren waiting for a hug,” said a delighted Abramo Abrusca when he received his Pfizer shot


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