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JACKASS fans have asked Bam Margera to “go to rehab” after slamming “Poison C ** ksuckers” next to a picture of his wife and son

Days after the 41-year-old claimed he was getting help with bipolar disorder, he took to Instagram to share a picture of his family

But fans were alarmed by his caption and urged the former MTV star to get help and not “get your son”

Bam wrote, “When Phoenix the Wolf was born on Christmas to show me who the poison killers are, it’s reduced to 5 to deal with my lawyer who doesn’t know how on Wednesday”lose”

Fans were quick to respond and one person wrote, “Don’t make your kid do this man,” while another commented, “Brotha, you need help””

The post comes days after Bam shared a video on social media admitting that he relapsed on his recreational trip and drank multiple beers and glasses of wine before filming for the post

He asked his fans, “Who cares if I’m fucking drunk or not?”

The TV personality accused Jackass 4 of being left out as a reason for his relapse, telling everyone he was “driven through hell on wheels” in Pennsylvania and was arbitrarily sober in Tests

He added, “I had to wake up with a handful of antidepressants every day to show Paramount Pictures that I was taking and swallowing them every day”

He said he was fired from the film for being a “donkey,” implying that he was considering suicide

In the video, a man’s father asked people to send him money with Venmo so that he could “blow them out of the water” with a competing project

He left his account information on his Instagram story and just told people about Venmo

Jackass 4 will premiere in September despite delays due to the coronavirus outbreak and various injuries

The couple jumped on a treadmill at full speed while wearing “bad gear” in the accident

I regret having children … I didn’t particularly love & if I had known I didn’t

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