The revered movie star was seen as the idealistic American Everyman, but he was also distinguished by darker roles on the occasion of the anniversary that Stewart won his only Oscar, Graeme Ross is counting down 10 of his most famous appearances

Exactly 80 years ago, on Saturday, just days before joining the US Army Air Corps, James Stewart received his Oscar for the Statuette of Best Actor for his performance as a cynical journalist on The Philadelphia Story Was to make another film – the first is arguably his most famous, It’s a Wonderful Life Stewart’s pre-war image was that of his idealistic American Everyman Inimitable and lanky, exuding common sense and decency, he returned from the conflict as a changed person, having decided that a harder edge was required, and he switched to darker roles with great success with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Mann This countdown of his 10 greatest appearances in six decades in the film business shows that Stewart was not only one of the biggest stars in cinema, but also one of the most eclectic

Stewart is constantly chewing on a cigar butt and is all the show as the grizzled patriarch is relentlessly indifferent to the American Civil War when his family is torn apart by the conflict, Anderson is forced to reassess his view that this undeniably sentimental film is indeed fairly punchy, with vague nuances of the Vietnam War, eyebrows raised at Shenandoah’s inclusion on this list at The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’s expense, but it deserves its place as Stewart’s last great achievement

In this great Budapest romantic comedy, Stewart shows great chemistry towards the woman he once loved in real life, Margaret Sullavan.The couple play two squeamish, contentious saleswomen with lonely hearts who fall in love through the mail without who Guessing each other’s identity Stewart’s verbal sparring with Sullavan is a delight in this wonderful example of the famous Ernst Lubitsch touch

Stewart grabbed his fifth and final Oscar nomination for his boisterous twist when the crafty small town attorney defended a soldier in court for killing the man who allegedly raped his wife with his sexual issues and the blatant Using adult language, this gripping courtroom drama was very daring for its time.Both the film and Stewart’s performance perfectly booked a decade in which the actor fearlessly picked roles that were at odds with his healthy personality

Stewart re-enacted his stage role as the gracious drunkard Elwood P Dowd, whose best friend, much to the humiliation of his family, is a 6-foot-3-inch invisible rabbit.This is one of the roles most closely associated with Stewart and has been one of his personal favorites delightful portrayal of benevolent but somehow profound innocence in this warm and funny film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor

A wonderful series of five gritty westerns starring Anthony Mann in the first half of the 1950s strengthened Stewart’s image and made him a true legend of the genre In The Naked Spur, Stewart showed an amazingly intense performance as a bounty hunter whose angry neuroses were such psychotic hysteria achieve that Clint Eastwood stated: “Stewart had a great deal of violence. When he snapped, his danger grew”

That the performance for which Stewart won his only Oscar should only be in fifth place on this list is a testament to the quality of the numbers one through four. Actually, Stewart’s friend Henry Fonda would have won the award for The this year Grapes of Wrath are supposed to take home but that doesn’t detract from Stewart’s performance. He was in no way overshadowed by Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant and was perfect as a cynical, quick-talking reporter overwhelmed by the faint air and graces of high society. ‘ / p>

Hitchcock’s masterclass in crowd manipulation shows Stewart as a possessed voyeur with a broken leg trapped in his apartment suspecting his neighbors of murdering. The restricted environment brought out Stewart’s genius as an actor, especially when his character’s girlfriend, played by Grace Kelly, all Stewart can do is look passed out in the killer’s apartment His increasing hysteria is a conduit for the public’s own fear and fear

This American classic is the epitome of pre-war Stewart and has established his enduring personality as a man of integrity and rudeness.He lost the Oscar vote to Robert Donat, but as an idealistic, incorruptible senator, made by the machinations and corruption rude to American politics, Stewart is simply sensational The Senate filibuster scene entered the annals of great movie memories long ago when Stewart used mercury chloride on his neck to get the signature rasp in his voice

It’s a wonderful life loved for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of a memorable performance by Stewart.None of the actor’s films show his infallible ability to convey a whole range of emotions like these, as the film progresses, Stewart embodies love , Joy and willingness to make sacrifices, but above all for his future direction as an actor there is also despair, sadness and anger The idealism of the young Mr. Smith is still very clearly felt, but George Bailey also has a dark undercurrent – one that was later fully exploited by Hitchcock and Mann

Stewart’s role as an obsessive fetishist haunted by his past is so dark and complex that it is still surprising that he was willing to so dramatically undermine his image as a nice guy that Hitchcock was never particularly a director of Acting, so Stewart’s almost clumsy take on the role was his own invention. The darker themes of It’s a Wonderful Life, the flawed anti-heroes of the man-westerns, the voyeur of Rear Window – all of these roles led to Vertigo, Stewart’s greatest achievement

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