Controversial celebrity Kim Kardashian is originally from the United States and has shared two photos on her official Instagram account in which she appears alongside her older sister Kourtney Kardashian

Just five hours ago he decided to put this post on his account, where he has more than 205 million followers Kim Kardashian is one of the users with the most followers on Instagram, surpassed by a few celebrities like his sister, less Kylie Jenner, singer Selena Gomez and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo

As is customary with the beautiful celebrity, she has more than 2 in a short time300000 red hearts and about 8Received 000 comments, including those flattering her beauty, as is common with Kim Kardashian

In the publication, he appears alongside his older sister with a rather interesting description, as it could be said that he doesn’t have the best relationships with Kourtney Kardashian

His own comment seemed a bit funny because in addition to the phrase that accompanied the publication, he decided to put a smiling emoji and a black heart

As you will recall on various episodes of his reality show KUWTK (Keeping with the Kardashian), the two sisters had multiple confrontations 10 months ago there was a strong lawsuit between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian on some YouTube channels, the confrontation became so popular that multiple media and social networks talked about it for days

It is known that the temperament of Kim Kardashian, the well-known American influencer, is very intense and, above all, to a certain extent dominant, although at the same time she is extremely affectionate and indebted to her family

In the picture the sisters appear standing Kim Kardashian leans her elbow on her older sister’s shoulder while talking on the phone Both have long and loose hair However, Kourtney Kardashian wears a black beanie that blends in with perfection with her two-piece swimwear in black

Kim Kardashian also wears a swimsuit, although it is not as small as her sister’s, if it has a few threads at the top that show her charms, it is also two-piece in brown

In the second picture they appear without posing very naturally, they are wearing dark glasses and it seems like they want to go somewhere because they opened their arms a little to start walking

Despite the fact that he gets along reasonably well with all of his sisters, as in any family, it is even common that there are sometimes conflicts that, while appearing somewhat intense in a short period of time, are usually resolved and again pretty happy as always

During the 20 seasons that the family has kept up with the Kardashian, they’ve been a little exposed to the public because their arguments become public It may be a little tricky having to hold back a little while being surrounded by multiple cameras that record every movement they make

Kourtney Kardashian has 110 million followers on Instagram to date, although in fewer numbers than her sister Kim Kardashian remains a fairly important figure, all members of the Kardashian Jenne clan have at least 100 million to tell the truth is that the older one Sister has the least

Kim Kardashian

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