Mariah Carey takes Christmas very seriously Of course, when she heard that there was an ornament that supposedly looked like her, she just had to listen

Carey, 50, was tagged by a fan who was delighted with his new ornament and proudly showed it on Twitter

“My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he gave me @MariahCarey as a gift, which is very festive,” tweeted the fan named Kyle Blaine on Thursday. He also included a photo of his gift, an ornament that Carey’s 1994 album “Merry Christmas” pays homage to “

In a response, the singer from “All I Want for Christmas Is You” hilariously replied, “This is not approved” and tossed in a straight forward emoji

While the ornament looks good at first, a closer look reveals that the figure’s eyes and eyebrows do not match in shape or style.The left eye is a drawn point while the right is more caricaturally stylized

Carey tried to mitigate the blow of her criticism, adding in brackets: “But it’s the thought that matters”

The fan had a hard time swallowing the news that his icon didn’t like the ornament and went to Twitter one last time to share his thoughts

“Lots of mixed feelings about receiving so many private messages congratulating me on being utterly and utterly ruined by MC,” he quipped

Another fan hilariously pointed out that he should be grateful that the singer “didn’t go to your house and confiscate that thing straight from the tree”

Whether or not Blaine will keep the ornament after knowing Carey disapproves of it, he admitted it will stay in his collection

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