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Michael Jackson had three children, the oldest was Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, AKA Prince Prince has worked on Michael’s philanthropic works since he was a child but tends to stay out of the limelight How old is Prince now and what does he look like?

He was born to Debbie Rowe, Michael’s second wife and a former dermatology nurse and singer

You weren’t married long when he was born In fact, it has been reported that Debbie was six months pregnant when they tied the knot during Michael’s tour of Australia

When he was growing up, Prince worked in the entertainment industry for a short period

In 2013, he was a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, telling fans, “I want to look good as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor”

He continued to talk about it in an interview with the LA Times, but recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Business Administration in May 2019

More recently, he shot his sister Paris’ music video for her band The Sound Flowers and this morning spoke about his philanthropic work

He said, “We have just produced her first music video [Paris] and her entry into the entertainment industry

“I’m very proud of her – it was a great experience working with my sister and it was a grueling four days

“Most music videos aren’t shot the way we did, but we were inspired by my father’s long-form music videos or short film music videos

“It was a great learning experience and I was so proud to bring my sister’s art to life and I was so proud to be a partner in it”

Your band has since split and Paris has released their own solo album while Prince continues to do community service and recently hosted an event for disadvantaged young people in LA with his charity, Heal LA,

Besides Paris, Prince has another sibling, Bigi, who was known as Blanket in his childhood

Blanket is the most elusive of the Jackson siblings as he has rarely been in the spotlight or attempted any public work

It was reported that he left the family home in 2020 after turning 18 However, he doesn’t have social media accounts and generally shuns the spotlight

His family members have spoken of him before, however, and Prince pointed out his intelligence in his interview with This Morning

Your grandfather, the late Joe Jackson, also spoke about Bigi and wrote on his website in 2015: “You are like your father in many ways and you remind me of him the most

Tito Jackson, Bigi’s uncle, also talked about how he believes Bigi could be a performer like his father and has great dancing and singing talent

He told The Sun in 2017: “Blanket has a good chance of becoming a musician He would be great because he’s a very dedicated kid””

Prince and Paris are so far the only siblings who can find their way around in public space

Prince is active on social media, as is his sister, whose new album came out in late 2020

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World News – FI – Michael Jackson Children: How old is MJ’s oldest son Prince now?

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