earlier this year, sharing selfies on Instagram was linked to having a happier life, although it could also mean that you are a narcissist. However, according to Paris Hilton, we have to thank her (or blame her) )

In 2017, Hilton stated that she invented the selfie with Britney Spears back in 2006 and went to Twitter yesterday to postpone it Celebrating the anniversary of the historic event “14 years ago, Britney Spears and I invented the selfie,” she writes “#LegendsOnly”

While it cannot be denied that Hilton and Spears are legends (and that the former likely contributed to the popularity of selfie-taking in the Blackberry era in the mid-00s), unfortunately, many have denied their claim to the selfie invent

In their feature post, Twitter users cite previous examples ranging from Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) to Buzz Aldrin’s 1966 space selfie, which was posted for over 40 earlier this week000 pounds was auctioned

True selfie connoisseurs trace the practice back to 1839 when chemist and photography pioneer Robert Cornelius took a selfie by removing the lens cap from his camera and running into the frame.But was he cheek to cheek with Britney Spears? Didn’t think

While she doesn’t remember taking star-studded selfies, Paris Hilton recently worked on her return to music with the new single, “I Blame You”, ditching her skills as an artist and trying to track down a Banksy’s fake copy of her 2006 debut albums Paris

Paris Hilton

World news – FI – Paris Hilton celebrates the invention of the selfie with Britney Spears

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