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The Weeknd performs live during the NFL Super Bowl LV halftime show between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on February 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. (AP / Phillip)

The word “Satan” was not displayed on a screen behind The Weeknd during his Super Bowl LV halftime show

In a solo performance that started in the stands and ended on the field at Raymond James Stadium, The Weeknd ran its biggest hits for the Super Bowl LV halftime show

The R&B star played a medley of his top songs in front of a live audience of 24 for 14 minutes700 viewers in Tampa, Florida and millions of viewers at home

The event inspired a lot of memes and we found out that resulted in misinformation on the internet Some social media users falsely claimed that The Weeknd used the NFL’s platform to pay homage to Satan

“Satan flashed at halftime in the satanic Super Bowl ritual,” reads several viral Facebook posts that shared screenshots of a tweet that has since been deleted (A similar tweet from the same report remains open; it says : “Satan flashed in the ritual”)

The Facebook posts have been flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation in its news feed (read more about our partnership with Facebook)

Posts are based on a photo that shows the word “Satan” in red lights behind The Weeknd as he appeared on stage The photo is real but was not taken during Super Bowl LV

In reality, the “Satan” incident occurred during a 2017 concert given by The Weeknd in Copenhagen, Denmark, as reported by other fact-checkers. A few minutes after the song “Reminder” was performed, the word briefly flashed on a screen behind him Videos have been posted on YouTube

A 2017 YouTube video highlighting what happened in 2017 also became widely shared on Facebook after The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance in February 7

We can’t tell why the word “Satan” was used at the 2017 concert, despite looking online for a credible explanation.But we can say the word didn’t come up during his Super Bowl halftime show.

False claims about Satan often align with the unsubstantiated QAnon conspiracy theory, which, among other things, believes that the world is ruled by powerful people belonging to a cabal of pedophiles who worship Satan

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