Android is getting a somewhat exaggerated reputation for malware due to apps installed from outside the official Google Play Store.Unfortunately, Google’s version of a walled garden doesn’t always manage to keep the weeds out

The latest example was discovered by the security firm Malwarebytes. A member of his forums identified the “Barcode Scanner” app as being responsible for randomly viewing browser pages with ads during normal phone use (via SlashGear)

There are some notable things about this situation compared to some previous instances of adware on Android, for one it has had more than 10 million installs (i.e. between 10 and 50 million) so it involves a significant number of users that the app was not recently installed for any of the users, some had installed it years earlier with no problem

The sudden change in behavior has now been attributed to an update released on Jan. December 2020 There have been a number of examples in the past of apps where adware was injected unknowingly by an ad SDK they were using.This change appears to have been made on purpose by the developer as it comes from the same digital certificate from the company previous updates is signed

The app has since been removed from Google Play, but those who have already installed it will have to delete the app themselves. Since there are a significant number of “barcode scanner” apps in Google Play, this is specially designed by developer “LavaBird” LTD “Fortunately, this adware depends on the app installed, so uninstalling it is sufficient to fix the problem

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