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Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus were surprised 2-1 in the first leg of the first leg of the Champions League in Porto on Wednesday.The best scorer in the history of the competition was in a game in which the Italian team in the attacking third for the production of much fought, kept calm The hosts benefited in the first minutes of every half

But how did each player fare in this game? Here are our player ratings for the game for each starter, substitute and manager.All ratings are out of 10 and the higher the number the better A zero would be a red card in the first minute A 10 would be like a dominant hat trick

Fancy more coverage of this week’s Champions League action? The Que Golazo! Podcast has a full breakdown starting Wednesday Listen below:

GK – Agustin Marchesin: Good positioning and big save before half to keep Porto’s lead and good positioning in the second half to keep the lead despite a late goalRating: 7

DEF – Wilson Manafa: consistently strong on the flank, recovers if necessary and assists the attack 20 seconds after the start of the second half at the starting gateRating: 75

DEF – Chancel Mbemba: Calm on the ball when he had to be and had a good position throughout the gameRating: 7

DEF – Pepe: Did a good job of commanding the team through early leadership and keeping the defense organized throughout. Rating: 7

DEF – Zaidu Sanusi: Didn’t build as much as the right side and didn’t combine much with Otavio, but he positioned himself well for the backline until late in the gameRating: 65

MID – Jesus Corona: Was one of the more active midfielders in Porto and disturbed Juventus on the ball well, while at the same time he got involved in the attack build-upRating: 75

MID – Mateus Uribe: Was largely tasked with disrupting the setup for Juventus and did a good job of closing the room under pressure momentsRating: 7

MID – Sergio Oliveira: Porto achieved many good results over the course of the game and on set pieces. Did well to close the room defensivelyRating: 7

MID – Otavio: The least impressive of the midfielders, but mostly physically to make up for that Minute changedRating: 6

FWD – Moussa Marega: An early opening goal in the first half left the strikers more ground under their feet defensively, but his positioning on the starting gate sealed the confidence for PortoRating: 8

FWD – Mehdi Taremi: The opening target, after putting pressure on and throwing himself on a bad back pass, remained active on defense. Rating: 8

SUB – Luis Díaz: Substituted for Otavio and provided more skill on the ball for PortoRating: 7

SUB – Marko Grujic: Was created for Marega to support Porto in the defenseRating: 65

MANAGER – Sergio Conceicao: He made his best starting XI for Porto and made smart swaps throughout the game to take the leadRating: 7

GK – Wojciech Szczesny: The first goal was not in the least his fault, but he should have done better the second. Just one match to forget and Juve got into trouble Had some good savesRating: 4

DEF – Danilo: Not good enough On the second goal he was easily hit and just didn’t hold his form well Energy and very little elseRating: 4

DEF – Matthijs de Ligt: After a really good performance, that wasn’t all. He was a statue on Marega’s target and lacked aggression. Good in the air, but that was itRating: 4

DEF – Alex Sandro: The bright spot in defense who wins the ball back more than anyone else on the team. He also planned his challenges well. Without him, things could have been worseRating: 6

MIDDLE – Adrien Rabiot: Almost got a bike kick towards the end of the first half His positioning was strong and did it well to get the ball forward Very accurate in his death, picking up an assistantRating: 6

MIDDLE – Rodrigo Betancur: Porto’s goal in the first minute with an inexcusable pass scored by his team He never regained confidence but created some chancesRating: 2

MID – Weston McKennie; Created a decent chance but really didn’t see much of the ball He was a workhorse as always His death was a little off the markRating: 5

MIDDLE – Federico Chiesa: A calm display until late Barely seen the ball, his pass was out and really did nothing until a goal out of nowhere came too lateRating: 5

FWD – Dejan Kulusevski: It was like he hadn’t even really played, he did some decent runs but was not fed and his decisions were poorRating: 3

FWD – Cristiano Ronaldo: Frustrated like the rest of his team, he never got going. He was hardly on the ball, he had no chance of getting in with his attack and it was a night to be forgottenRating: 3

SUB – Merih Demiral: Came for Chiellini and it was like they were playing with 10 He was caught on the second goalRating: 3

SUB – Aaron Ramsey: Helped open things up after his inception has never really been on the ball in a long time, but it was a major change in bringing the ball forwardRating: 6

SUB – Alvaro Morata: Sub of the second half who helped put a new wrinkle in this attack as the team tried to get back on track, did more in his limited role than Kulusevski in 77 minutesRating: 6

MANAGER – Andrea Pirlo They weren’t ready to play They came out slowly, didn’t react well and dug a hole Chiesa’s goal gives them a lifeline but eliminating postage could lead to a pink slip Pressure is onRating: 3

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