In today’s top retail news, PriceSmart, Inc Announced a 5, between January 2020 and January 2021, net merchandise sales rose 2 percent as Walmart acquires the technology and assets behind Thunder, and Costco reported that January sales data and the stimulus tests supported January sales in the same store / p>

PriceSmart, Inc reported on Friday (Feb 5) Net merchandise sales increased 52 percent to reach $ 267 million for the month of January 2021, an increase from $ 254 million in January 2020 “In January, net merchandise sales and comparable net merchandise sales increased despite an increase in COVID cases and increased COVID restrictions in some of our markets, ”said CEO Sherry S Bahrambeygui said in a press release

Walmart purchases the infrastructure and land behind Thunder to use automation to create online ads “Thunder’s technology and team will cut the time between the idea for an ad and the time it goes to suppliers.” said Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer, in a press release The news follows the retailer’s renaming of the media business to Walmart Connect from the Walmart Media Group

Costco reported its January sales data, and stimulus checks boosted January sales in the same store Globally, like-for-like sales rose 159 percent year over year in January and led by U.S. Comparable store expansion of 164 percent and an online shopping explosion of 1054 percent While Costco found that most of the spending was on essential goods, it was gradually recovering in discretionary spending

New research from PYMNTS on seven key retail areas where Amazon and Walmart are competing shows the digital giant is closing its competitor’s lead in auto parts This is one of the last segments where – aside from groceries – Walmart still has a head start. The auto parts market share between Amazon and Walmart has fallen to just 4.5 percent, according to the report

Info: Buy Now, Pay Later: Millennials and the Changing Dynamics of Online Credit, a collaboration between PYMNTS and PayPal, examines the demand for new flexible credit options and the ways in which consumers, particularly in the Millennial Demographics, pay online The study is based on two surveys with a total of almost 15000 US. Consumer

All subscription companies want to reduce churn – especially in the digital age where switching costs can be low for consumers to

Talk about a growing industry By the end of 2022, the global cannabis industry will be valued at $ 22 billion


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