NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – It turns out that two gunmen attacked a Lakeview homeowner Tuesday morning and opened fire may have shot the other

“We don’t see a trace of blood, but that’s in the audio,” says the victim

The victim says the NOPD told him they were investigating the possibility that one gunman shot the other Meanwhile, the victim says he continues to be afraid after armed men stepped into his driveway and shot him, when he backed off the driveway

“I just think they are loose cannons I mean, they obviously fire in every direction to hit the person you are dealing with during the ambush,” says the victim

The victim believes the gunmen attacked him, but he doesn’t know why the brazen crime didn’t make the Lakeview community nervous

“It’s beyond a boiling point. This last incident isn’t the first armed encounter that has taken place here, but I think it was the turning point,” says Paul Villere

Paul VIllere is the manager of Fleur De Lis Tire and Auto in Lakeview and he says the recent increase in crime is now the talking point of the community

“We see 120 people here every day, and I think about 80 percent of them have spoken to us about it in some form. I think the overwhelming feeling is victimized and disgusted by the whole situation,” says Villere

Villere says he shares the feeling of the whole community when he says that more needs to be done

“We need to check our security cameras before we go outside in the morning. Personally, I am not going anywhere unarmed. With this recent incident, I can only hope and pray that something will be done,” says Villere

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