Harrison Ford is enormous as Han Solo in the Star Wars films.He isn’t particularly invested in anything about her either, while many of his co-stars right alongside fans speculate about where the franchise is going or why it is certain Moments have happened, Ford goes on with his life himself, literally thinking of everything else, on occasion this leads to a hilarious interview where a journalist asks him about a Star Wars deep cut and he either isn’t committed or makes it obvious that he is does not know and is not interested in knowing

Earlier this year, perhaps the best example of the DGAF’s stance on Star Wars was when a USA Today journalist asked Ford if Han Solo was a power spirit and he responded with an all-time quote Let’s take a second to celebrate it below in a lovely shiny block quote because it’s so good

Many Star Wars fans made this gem laugh for the first time in February, but unfortunately not every last person on earth heard it Apparently some were busy with other things in life and never came across it. Fortunately, the Twitter Account Star Wars Facts tweeted it yesterday and it went super viral right away, it’s up to 180 already000 likes and 25000 retweets and there’s no sign of slowing down It’s not surprising that some of the fan reactions have been excellent, there’s nowhere near enough time in the day to shed light on them all, but I wanted to go over a few of my favorites, starting with this one from Hazel Wheaton

I love how much Mark Hamill cares about Star Wars and the fans, and I love how much Harrison Ford doesn’t care about the same amount. And I don’t see any contradiction

I like that a lot too Mark Hamill, bless his soul, really gave everything to the Star Wars franchise.He had other projects outside of it of course, but he was the greatest cheerleader, champion and the greatest voice for the fans Letters drop, he calls bad behavior, sometimes he even trolls on purpose, but it’s all because he really cares about the movies and the fandom.He is always ready to sign up for new appearances.He appreciates the unique role he is in , and applauds this It really is something to admire

On the other hand, I don’t think Harrison Ford is wrong either. He did a great job as Han Solo, but he obviously doesn’t like the films as much as everyone else I imagine a lot of other people would get sucked in and just like that pretending it’s about money or not to let people down, but he’s always been pretty open about his feelings and even asked to be killed during the original trilogy.He isn’t really mean with it, but he did just different priorities and other franchises he’s more invested in. Plus, when he brushes it off, he sounds like someone else

I mean Facts If Han wants to shoot first and say “I know”? When women say they’re in love with him, he’s probably not the type who spends a lot of time thinking about Force Ghosts. Wouldn’t it be weird and atypical for him to bring nerdy new theories to the table? Yes it would

There are, of course, thousands of other great answers that I won’t include here, but I would recommend clicking through the thread I especially like this one that talks about how “working actor”? Harrison Ford is about most of his roles, too, and there’s more than just a few jokes to make his quote with things like the lack of coherent planning for the new Star Wars trilogy, Ford’s mishaps as a pilot, and the gangster’s DGAF stance too link

what do you think? Do you like Ford’s lack of interest in Star Wars or is it rubbing you the wrong way? Let us know in the poll below

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