Soul was released on Disney last week and the reviews were positive, but it didn’t take long for fans to bring up the controversy surrounding Tina Fey and the NBC show 30 Rock In the Wake of Black Lives Matter- Motion requested that Fey, executive producer at 30 Rock, remove four episodes from streaming services. Of the four episodes, two included Jane Krakowski’s Jenna character in black

“As we strive to get the job done and do the race better in America, we believe these episodes with actors in racially changing makeup are best gotten rid of,” Fey wrote a little to the Streaming platforms, as reported by Vulture in June, “I now understand that” intent “is not a free pass for whites to use these images stumble and be stung by their ugliness. Thank you NBCUniversal for fulfilling this request “

When Soul was released, fans noticed that Fey was voicing the main character for almost half of the movie and the main character is Black, which didn’t go well with most and they expressed their frustration on social media

As much fun as I had with this movie I literally thought, but why who thought, ‘white woman speaks black man’ is okay? ‘several times

Tina Fey removes 4 episodes of “30 Rock” with blackface and still manages to miss the 120 minutes she does in “Soul”

Yes, I saw soul and loved it No, I haven’t forgotten that Tina Fey wrote Blackface in 30 Rock

I admittedly didn’t realize that it was even Tina Fey until I read something afterwards The 30 rock / blackface things make it uncomfortable 😬

Tina Fey deleted all the blackface episodes from 30 Rock so people couldn’t do memes with her character arc in SOUL

The other films they did the animal in were good & Two of them were really moving, too. Why is it the only storyline you can develop for these films?

Not only does he transform into a blue soul, but (SPOILER) also loses control of his body to Tina Fey’s character for a large part of the film.It felt like a 21st-century version of Blackface to me Century on And she already had racist moments in 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt

I watched #SoulMovie again and enjoyed it a lot.And yet, predictably, Twitter goes mad and calls Tina Fey a racist for her character, who inhabited the body of Joe Gardner for part of the film Is it still about the 30 Rock Blackface? Not #WokeIsAJoke


He wasn’t too blue at all but he was a cat and then tina fey was in his body instead>: / which is so wrong on so many levels after having to apologize for like what FIVE cases of blackface in 30 rocks was it alone?


World News – FI – ‘Soul’: Tina Fey’s ’30 rock ‘blackface controversy has intensified again after the release of Pixar Movie