At the beginning of December 2020, the Swedish broadcaster SVT announced the candidates for participation in the Melodifestivalen 2021.Although we do not yet know how the candidates will be divided into the semifinals, on 5 January received another announcement: the hosts! Read on if you want to know who they are

As we all know, we will see six shows on this Melodifestivalen journey, four semi-finals, a second chance and the grand finale

Lena Philipsson will host the semifinals 1. We remember her when she represented Sweden in Eurovision 2004 with the song “It Hurts” She finished fifth with 170 points. Apart from this Eurovision contribution, Lena took part in several melodi festivals and her songs turned into popular classics in Sweden

This hosting task brings Anis Don Demina to the Melodifestivalen stage for the fourth time. In 2018 he made his debut on stage with Samir & Viktor as a saxophonist. In 2019 and 2020 he took part as the main act His “Mina bränder”, which he Sang together with Zeana, was not a great success, but “Vem E Som Oss” came fifth in the Melodifestivalen 2020 final and was also a monster hit in Sweden

Anis will be accompanied by Oscar Zia in semifinals 2. So far he has two participations behind his name. 2016 he was one of the big favorites to win Melodifestivalen Then he took part with “Human”

His name may not sound too familiar to Europeans as hosting Melodifestivalen is completely new to Jason Diakité. In Sweden he became famous for writing books. Recently he wrote the family’s autobiography “A Drop Of Midnight” Apart from being a writer, he also made songs that became hits in Sweden, like Alla Vill, until he got men for the restaurant “Resten av ditt liv”

Per Andersson is one of our most brilliant humor stars.He has entertained the Swedish people for several decades on the stage and in numerous television programs such as the Christmas calendar, Parliament and, last but not least, the Melodifestivalen.As an entertainer in Mello, he has among other things as a member of the humor collective Grotesco and as a strictly bizarre interrogator the artist together with Katrin Sundberg left his mark at the Melodifestivalen 2011

It took a few years before the Borås girl with gold in her throat had to stand in front of the Mello stage. After Shirley Clamp drove behind Antique (ESC 2001) and Hanna and Lina (2002), she performed the song in 2003 Mr Memory herself in the spotlight In 2004 she appeared again as a solo artist and played “Min Karlek”, which became her breakthrough for the general public. Since then she has had 2005 (“To Love You”), 2009 (“With Her Heart Filled with Light”) and participated in 2011 as part of the trio Shirley’s Angels. In 2009, Shirley Clamp was the Swedish commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest with Edward af Sillén

Måns made his Melodifestivalen debut in 2007 with “Cara Mia”, which is still popular with Swedish audiences. Hosting Melodifestivalen is not new to him either, as he did it back in 2010. He returned as a singer five years later “Heroes” back to the competition We all know how this trip ended because it won him the entire 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Måns will share the stage with Shima Niavarani. She is an actress, presenter, playwright, director, conference, singer and songwriter. Shima is currently in the “Stjärnorna på slottet” In 2021 it is time for her to make her debut on the Melodifestival stage

Due to COVID-19, Melodifestivalen will stay in Stockholm for the entire trip instead of going on a tour of Sweden.On six Saturdays in February and March 2021, 28 entries will take part.We don’t yet know the exact distribution of the semi-finals, but we are holding You up to date!

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