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Gina Carano has been under attack for the past few weeks for her political beliefs, and the show only offered her one way out

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian” recently hinted that Cara Dune might go elsewhere in a galaxy far, far away Given the recent controversy surrounding actress Gina Carano, it’s difficult not to see the moment as a potential means for her to get around to leave the show

Carano has been under fire for the past few weeks for sharing her political beliefs on Twitter and social media.Carano spoke about electoral fraud in the 2020 election, tweeted a message about the removal of fake votes and a request for ID to be sent Voting booths I wrote about for Deseret News

We need to clean up the electoral process so we don’t feel like we do today Put laws to protect us from electoral fraud Investigate every state Film the counting Flush out the fake votesID required Let electoral fraud end in 2020 Repair the system

There has been a violent reaction on social media, with some fans demanding that they be heard by “The Mandalorian.” Responses were largely social media-restricted, which in most cases does not reflect the general population

Carano received more social media backlash days later when she posted a meme that mocked people who wore face masks and posted the meme on her Twitter account

Woah, Gina, this is extremely irresponsible if you are referring to the choice there is no evidence of fraud.If you are referring to wearing masks we should, and if we all could we go outside earlier

We don’t know how the rest of season two will play out, but the most recent episode, titled “The Siege,” gave Carano’s character Cara Dune an exit if she or Disney wanted the actress to leave the show because of the backlash

The episode featured New Republic officials responding to an incident caused in the episode. One of the officials asks Dune if she would ever consider joining the New Republic, pointing to her soldier history and time Alderaan she dismisses him, saying she doesn’t want to join the fight

It’s one of those foreshadowing moments that suggest Dune is making a move in the future.She has a New Republic medal that she stares at with longing eyes, which is a deep clue that Dune might join the New Republic

Again, we don’t know if Carano wants to leave the show or if the showrunners of “The Mandalorian” want her to leave the show, however, the most recent episode has created a potential starting point if the recent social media controversy gets too much will to cope with them

Gina Carano

World news – FI – “The Mandalorian” just gave Gina Carano a way out of the show

Source: https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2020/11/20/21579279/star-wars-mandalorian-gina-carano-exit