From Idris Elba to Ana de Armas, who are supposedly the best candidates to replace Daniel Craig as Britain’s best secret agent 007?

It has been known for some time that the constantly delayed No Time to Die will be Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 James Bond executive producer Barbara Broccoli allegedly had to plead with him (and pay $ 25 million) to make sure that the English actor would repeat the role one last time, the conversation has already focused on who’s next: which actor will be chosen to take on the mantle as “Britain’s best secret agent”?

Some strong decisions have already been made, but the casting process is still largely a mystery. The only thing that is certain is that the role is likely still played by a man, despite pressure to diversify the character (who has been exclusively by white men), Broccoli Variety has said that “[James Bond] can be any color, but he’s male. With that in mind, some rumors have been circulating about possible studio choices, some of which were rather surprising Here is a summary of the most notable reports

From Bane to Bond? Tom Hardy has been a consistent top contender for the role for some time, if rumors are to be believed. Earlier this year, some newspapers and the general blogosphere even falsely announced that Hardy had been officially selected to succeed Craig (it wasn’t official , it was just a compelling tweet) Though the announcement had gone down, it gained support from fans and even former bonds – Pierce Brosnan said he was looking forward to seeing Hardy “wiggle a bit in Bond,” whatever that means,

There are some limiting factors, though.For one, the Bond role rarely goes to established A-listers like Hardy – usually producers prefer a more sub-radar option that both keeps the initial cost down and means that Actor Not Overly Engaged in Other Projects With Hardy already signed up for Venom sequels, Broccoli is unlikely to want to share the lead actor with any other franchise

He has the action and is already a British icon.Idris Elba is cited by many as an option that diversifies the Bond role while maintaining its courtesy after Elba won 2018 Sexiest Man Alive from People and in Bond-inspired films such as Bastille Day and Hobbs played & Shaw, he appears to have all the necessary qualifications to be successful as 007

Despite these qualifications, there is one notable objection: Elba is already reasonably old. At 48, he would be the oldest actor to ever debut as James Bond, at a time when the role was getting younger (by comparison, Craig was 38 years old when he debuted) As a result, producers may be unlikely to want to invest in an actor who may not be zippy enough to appear in the role in the years to come

Sam Heughan, known as Jamie Fraser on the Starz series Outlander, has an ace card that other options simply don’t offer: he’s the Bond most viewers want to see in a poll of UK moviegoers early on on the Radio Times of that year, the Scottish actor knocked out bigger stars like Hardy and Elba to take the top spot.This popularity, coupled with his lower star profile, would likely make him a popular choice with producers

Many would see Heughan as a step backwards for the role, however, at a time when audiences are demanding more diverse representation in big-name franchises, and casting someone like Heughan is unlikely to appeal to that new sensibility in addition the actor auditioned for the role 15 years ago when Craig was first selected – if the producers didn’t like him then, why would they like him now?

After enjoying a meteoric rise in recent years after the Crazy Rich Asians in 2018, Henry Golding has become a very strong competitor for 007. Many see Golding as the first choice for the next James Bond

and offer good looks, diverse representation, a young age and action experience through films like The Gentlemen and Snake Eyes

The question must be asked: Would this be a role Golding would even like to have? The actor has fought off countless offers in recent years, from romcoms to promotions to award-winning dramas If you choose a role like Bond, those chances are likely to dry up. Craig has already spoken about how sophisticated “the Bond machine” is and how it prevents actors from doing other roles is that something Golding would be happy with?

In terms of surprising choices, Harry Styles is likely high up as 007, but rumor has it that the 26-year-old pop star is being considered The English singer, who made his way through films like Dunkirk and the upcoming Don’t Worry Darling earned his acting qualifications is not an entirely ridiculous option, with Styles advocating a less heteronormative notion of masculinity, this could be a way for producers to diversify the role while still having a white, masculine bond

However, the counter-arguments practically write themselves: Styles is not only a rookie actor at best, but also seems to badly fit into an action film like the James Bond series. Perhaps Styles can compete again with a few more films, but for now he’s a long shot

Riz Ahmed may seem like an unlikely choice, but he’s likely one of the strongest bonds when elected, the actor not only received recognition for his appearances in films like The Night Of 2017 and The Four Lions 2010, but he’s got in Also developed an action pedigree in recent years by playing roles in Rogue One 2016 and Venom 2018 From a cinematic point of view, it meets all the criteria

Although Broccoli claims that Bond would always be “male,” there is a high chance she will fall back on her word after No Time To Die. In the film, both Lashana Lynch and Ana De Armas appear as female 00- and 00- CIA agents There’s a reasonable chance that once the audience warms up to their performances, the producers will want to keep pursuing their characters instead of immediately restarting Bond

At the end of the day, Hollywood is the talk of money when the reaction to Lynch or Armas is warm enough, producers may feel compelled to re-design the franchise around a female talent, although this may be unprecedented, depending on the course depends on when the audience finally turns 25 Bond movie that isn’t looking anytime soon right now

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