14-year-old Claire Miller was charged after she fatally stabbed her wheelchair-bound sister before calling 911, confessing that the teen, on trial as an adult, was a popular TikTok creator with millions of video views

After news of the murder charges were reported, TikTok users quickly realized that Miller was showing up on their “For You” page

Miller allegedly killed her disabled sister, Helen Miller, while her parents were asleep, according to Lancaster County Prosecutor’s Office in Pennsylvania

Officials arriving on site were escorted to Helen’s room by Claire and EMS’s life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. Miller repeatedly told the responding officers, “I killed my sister, Helen Miller was killed on May 22nd Declared dead February at 4:13 a.m.

The Lancaster County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement: “Police say there is no threat to public safety. Manheim Township Police are fully committed to this investigation. They are investigators and members of the Serious Crimes Division in Lancaster County still at the residence to gather evidence and determine the circumstances that led to Helen Miller’s death ”

One TikTok, highlighting the troubling story, asked, “So did anyone come across the same girl on their [For You page], or just me?”

One of the videos from 13 January shows her sister Helen, who she is now accused of murder, seen in a wheelchair with her father

Users report that their videos appear much more frequently on their For You page since they were arrested, calling them “chill” “It’s unclear how the TikTok algorithm works, but an increase in people following their profile search will likely result in a snowball effect being recommended to more users for these videos”

Claire Miller has been charged with criminal murder and is expected to be transferred to Lancaster County Jail following the indictment. Individuals charged with Pennsylvania murder are not entitled to bail

TikTok users have been terrified by an eerie fake of actor Tom Cruise that goes viral on the app, and many mistake it for the real deal at first sight

Deepfaking is something that people have been both fascinated and scared of for a while now, and this technology allows you to replace people’s faces in existing videos and use machine learning to make the final product look practically real

Technology is so advanced that governments are being urged to restrict counterfeiting to keep people safe Some videos are used for illegal purposes

In the past, TikTok stars Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio have responded to people who made inappropriate fakes of them online, with celebrities and influencers being a primary target

However, not everyone who uses deepfake technology has bad intentions as some use it to create funny videos online

TikTok user “deeptomcruise” is the perfect example of this He creates videos of his Tom Cruise deepfakes, which are now gaining importance in the app

In the videos, the mysterious person is almost seamlessly merged with the popular American actor, with even his voice and mannerisms perfectly expressed.The fake Tom Cruise plays out various scenarios, plays golf and speaks on his podcast

Users were amazed at the accuracy of the print and slightly concerned that the deepfake aspect is almost undetectable for some “One of the best deepfakes I’ve seen,” said one user, “the voice is too really good, could also be artificial ”

Another commenter wrote, “These deepfakes are going to be worryingly good. How the hell can we trust what we see on TV?”

While the impression was quite convincing, some eagle-eyed viewers pointed out how one can tell that it is a deep fake “Check the reflection of his face on the table when he gets up frame by frame” one person explained “The algorithm struggles (just a little bit) with the reflection bar”

At the time of writing, the account has only uploaded three videos, but many are mesmerized by the bizarre, real-looking deepfake and are waiting for more content from Tom Cruise

Claire Miller

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