On Wednesday night, in an important 3-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid hit the first statistical checkpoint on the way to the Hockey Hall of Fame for the world’s best and most electrifying striker In its sixth season, only a handful of games with 500 career points, reaching the milestone in exactly the same number of starts – 369 – as the final titanic prospect of entry into the NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby

Together, McDavid and Crosby are the eighth fastest players in history to climb the 500-point barrier and follow a collection of incredible talent who have enjoyed the friendlier goal conditions of earlier eras

But the two also have one more thing in common in this very specific statistical milestone: although few got it faster, it took McDavid and Crosby longer than necessary to get 500 points due to circumstances beyond their control / p>

And at McDavid in particular, it’s what he has endured and endured through for more than five seasons that makes reaching the milestone all the more impressive

For the 24-year-old, it was hiatus after hiatus in the early stages of his hockey career, with some being specific to him and others not.He has sustained many minor injuries, as well as a handful of serious injuries, including a knee injury that spanned the career threatened to affect his career

Throughout it all, he’s just stayed tirelessly productive. When McDavid was producing at a time per game to start his rookie season before breaking his collarbone and crashing into the boards on one of his patented fearless trips into the net, he came back and only improved those numbers when one of the main ligaments in his knee ripped from the blunt force of a goal post in the final game of his most productive season at the time, taking one of the chicest rehabs in hockey history through the summer months and into training camp the following season, McDavid did miraculously Wise the opening line-up and improved his career highs with an improved average production in a season shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic

Regardless of whether his rhythm is broken or not, when McDavid has been on NHL ice, he has consistently achieved unmatched levels of production where he is already improving

It seemed almost fitting that McDavid’s Ride or Death, Leon Draisaitl, also hit a round number in defeating Winnipeg, one of the few players to have managed to stay in McDavid’s production orbit (if only partly through his connection with McDavid), reached 450 points for his career with his most recent multi-point performance

Although he can be mentioned in the same breath today, Draisaitl follows his teammate by a significant chunk of the points while appearing in 81 more games or essentially one regular season

The world’s best players travel along a curve, including McDavid.But his starting point is the culmination of most players who rely on producing for their teams, and his influence grows with every NHL game he plays , getting stronger

Jesse Puljujarvi scored his fifth goal in his last seven games for Edmonton, and goalkeeper Mike Smith averted 20 shots for his second straight win

Joel Embiid lost 50 points and added 17 rebounds, five assists, four blocks and two steals in a dominant performance to lead the 76s to a win over the Bulls

Lake Tahoe and the majestic Sierra Nevada provide a scenic outdoor arena that will host two NHL games this weekend

Will there be anyone in Atlanta who wants to take part in this year’s All-Star Game?

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The problem with the Buffalo Sabers’ sudden inability to score has more to do with the heads than the hands of the players for head coach Ralph Krueger

“It hurts to see the game that happened It hurts to look back that the country wasn’t ready and he suffered the effects of his labor”

“We are preparing the opening of the regular MLS season in Florida and are currently finishing our site,” said team president Bill Manning in a text to the Canadian press

Terence Davis faced seven counts, including two charges of third degree assault and a child endangerment charge related to an incident in a hotel room in New York last October

Naomi Osaka won her fourth Grand Slam title, defeating Jennifer Brady in the Australian Open Women’s Final

(Sarah Stier / Getty Images) When coach Brad Crossley first saw 14-year-old Sidney Crosby play hockey, he knew his competitive fire and prowess would get him into the NHL as Crosby prepared to make his 1stPlaying a 000-man game in the league, his old coach isn’t surprised “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 1000, “Crossley told CBC News ahead of Saturday night’s milestone game. Crossley coached Crosby at the big Dartmouth Subways in his 2001/02 season.” He led the league on points of course, led our team to a silver medal in the national championship and was the top scorer in the league, “he said.” Looking back now, I wish I had resigned and appreciated him a lot more than I did, even though we were in awe every shift he was out there. “Crossley teaches sports in Crosby’s hometown of Cole Harbor, NS.and coaches elite hockey players, from minors to professionals.He works this summer with Crosby, a partnership that has flourished for 20 years.Crosby hit off his knees last weekend to take Al MacInnis for the most career points in the NHL from a Nova Scotian to overtake “He called me before the start of the season and asked for a few exercises because the players were running camps and he wanted to be well prepared to help his team get the best out of them,” said Crossley. “His level of maturity in the game has shot up. He’s no longer the boy, Sid the boy. He’s a respected man in the league. “Crosby came to Al MacInnis of Port Hood, NS., on Sunday to become Nova Scotia’s career points leader in the NHL.A clean-sheet goal from his knees gave Crosby 1275 NHL Regular Season Points Sidney Crosby celebrates the golden goal that gave Canada a 3-2 win over the U.S in the gold medal game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics on February 28, 2010 No 87 has a way to catch MacInnis for NHL games MacInnis played 1 total416 games for Calgary and St Louis Nova Scotia-born Bobby Smith played 1077 games and Glen Murray, who grew up in Bridgewater, played 1009 Crossley knows the three-time Stanley Cup winner’s secret to success, “He works harder than everyone else” He points to a conversation with the All-Star during a training camp for 25 of the league’s best players in the Colorado air, “Sidney came after the first Training up to me and saying, ‘Crossley, these guys are really good, I have to go harder’ In the meantime, the players around him are sucking wind 7000 feet up and hanging over the board, ‘he said with a laugh.’ He wants everyone Compete hard against the best on the day and have the best around “Patrice Bergeron (left), Sidney Crosby (center) and Corey Perry from Team Canada celebrate their gold medal win after they won Team Russia at the World Juniors on 1 On January 4, 2005, in Grand Forks, North Dakota Canada defeated Russia 6-1. Crossley said the competitive fire and talent are still there, but he’s seen developments in other parts of Crosby’s game. “I think he is has become an even better leader and could be the best two-way player in the game, “said Crossley. He plans to send congratulations to Crosby before the game.” If he trusts you, you’ll be part of his life forever, “said he “He’s probably a better person than a hockey player” MORE TOP STORIES

(Photo by Nancy Martin) As Saskatchewan’s team Sherry Anderson hits the ice at this year’s Scotties Tournament in Calgary, they’ll be carrying an extra player who no one will see in the arena, but Aly Jenkins will Be in the hearts and minds of each of the five members of the team “I can hear them The questions they would have,” said Nancy Martin, the third of the team. “I can feel the excitement they would have. She is part of us and will always be part of our team “Watch the That Curling Show from CBC Sports every day at 7:30 pm on ET on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube The dream of one day playing at the crown jewel of women curling, got Jenkins to practice on the pebble ice hour after hour.She wanted to be with the Scotties and came in the 2019 provincial finals as a member of Team Anderson within a shot of that goal.But the tragedy happened less than a year Later in Unimaginable Ways That October, the lively and fun-loving Jenkins died of a rare amniotic fluid embolism that gave birth to her third child, Sydney.Aly was only 30, and her death shocked the curling community at last year’s Scotties in Moose Jaw, SaskAly’s husband Scott, and their three children went to the ice in her honor It should be her moment Instead, they stood behind the curls as a crowd paid tribute to Aly, “It was special, I remember being on the ice me wasn’t sure I could stick it together in front of everyone, “Scott told CBC Sports Aly Jenkins Dreamed of Curling in the Scotties single father is now picking up the pieces and trying to kinda with his two daughters and son Finding Normal Sydney, who celebrated her first birthday last fall, has a happy, healthy baby Scott calls her was n Wonder Baby Aly’s team is now in the Scotties because they earned enough points to be selected to represent the province. Scott knows how much she would have loved that moment. “That’s what she spent all the hours with her team for she’s training that was her dream and I think we all believed she’d get there, “said Scott.” Now that Team Anderson is there, it’s getting real And she’s on the team right now. “Scott has one for this year’s tournament Saskatchewan jersey with Jenkins on the back and Team Anderson sent Martin says they will take it with them every step of the way. Aly Jenkins is pictured with her husband Scott, son Brady and daughter Avery “It will be in the front lobby of the hotel Teams will sign it, “she said.” I plan to get it on the ice near [our] coach. “And so, Aly’s presence at every game at the end of the hand that Team Anderson is playing on will be close to thatLying ice that she once dreamed of sliding and sweeping And Martin says they will give everything they have for her “Playing with your heart is what she would tell us Go out and play your courage” Martin said. At home in Saskatchewan, Scott and his kids are taped to the TV to cheer on Team Anderson with every shot in the Scotties Devin Heroux and Colleen Jones discuss this curling show: “Aly absolutely loved this time of year. She wouldn’t miss the games, she would record the ones she would miss at work and see them when she got home,” said Scott “We’re going to take this up in this house I know the kids would love to watch with their mom I’m so excited for the ladies They deserve this and will make Saskatchewan proud And we will be watching them and cheering them all over the place” Both Scott and also Martin say that in those dark early days after Aly’s death it was the curling community that helped keep them going “How well our family was treated and the tribute to Aly it will always come home when the Starting Scotties, “said Scott. And Martin, curled up next to Aly for two years, wants to make her proud.” I’m so excited that I have to be part of her life, I can only laugh heln you see is always at the forefront in our minds, “said Martin

VANCOUVER – For Winnipeg Jets goalkeeper Laurent Brossoit, who plays in Vancouver’s special, even with no fans in the stands Friday night he earned his second career in town when the Jets dodged the Canucks 2-0 ” They all feel good, especially when things are so much better in your hometown, “Brossoit said.” It’s just another good game to get our season off to a good start. “He had 29 saves for Winnipeg on Friday (Jan. -6-1), but Vancouver has long been a place where the 27-year-old netminder had success with his first shutout also came to the city on December 22, 2018, when Winnipeg scored a 1-0 win in three career starts against the Canucks gave Brossoit a 981 percent save “I’d say if there’s a city that I want these stats in, it’s probably this one, so I’ll take them,” he told Brossoit, who is the NHL Goalkeeper of the Year, Connor Hellebuyck, supported, is a u Underrated goalkeeper, said Jets coach Paul Maurice “He’s just so powerful to get from post to post,” said Maurice after Friday’s win. “He’s made some really good saves that had to come over hard but when he got there he was really in his own structure he was composed with it and then with the rebound control there was nothing to escape him “Mark Scheifele opened the gate in the middle of the first half and took advantage of a misstep by the Vancouver defense The Puck bounced through Alex Edler’s feet at Canucks’ blue line, and Scheifele chased him down for a runaway and backhanded past Vancouver’s Thatcher Demko. “I obviously saw (Demko) was way out of the net, but he’s a pretty excellent goalkeeper, a big body, so he kind of moved me and he bit a bit, so I was happy to bring him in, “Scheifele said,” Ic h don’t get a lot of outliers, so it’s fun if you use them “The goal extended the centrist’s point series to nine games. He has had six goals and seven assists since February 1, when he scored a goal and supported the 4: 3- The Jets’ loss to the Flames scored Demko kept his team in the game on Friday with a series of clutch saves One of his best of the night came late in the first frame when the Vancouver netminder snapped a furious puck out of the air to give Kyle Connor a power play Robbing Goal “I thought you knew about puck dropping that it was the kind of game where a mistake would have a huge impact on the bottom line of the game,” said Demko, who stopped 29-of -30 shots for the Canucks (8-12-1) “Kind of a playoff game, but I thought our guys rose to the challenge and made a good effort. The Canucks pulled the goalkeeper 2:33 on the game clock, but Vancouver couldn’t n got puck past Brossoit to force overtime instead, Mason Appleton forced a giveaway on Canucks’ blue line and drove the puck into the empty net to seal the game.Brossoit was intermittently tested on Friday as the middle of the second half went Vancouver defender Nate Schmidt with the goalkeeper on a breakaway 1-1 Brossoit stopped the initial explosion but couldn’t control the rebound The puck bounced back into the crease and the goalkeeper fell on it just in time to prevent that he crossed the goal line The Canucks had a chance at a couple of power games but couldn’t finish “I’m just sick of saying we played a good game but we didn’t score”It was another one of those tonight,” said Elias Pettersson. It was a frustrating year for the Star Center, which has 14 points (five goals, nine assists) in 21 games, Pettersson said he and his linemates had opportunities on Friday but things could have made things more complicated than they needed to be “I’m trying to get the perfect pass when maybe I can shoot the easy shot and get through a fight and hopefully get a goal,” he said. “I don’t know, maybe If the puck doesn’t go in, I just have to simplify “Vancouver had a lot of puck on Friday, but didn’t provide enough traffic before Brossoit,” said coach Travis Green. “But there is also another team that has a say in what’s going on Ice is going on And sometimes you miss the net because they’re on the line of fire and ready to block a shot, “he said.” Every time it’s a 2-0 game with a clean sheet ibt it’s a highly competitive game and you can sit and find out why you didn’t score all day but we didn’t score at the end of the day teams will fight again in Vancouver on Sunday This report from The Canadian Press was first published published on February 19, 2021 Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Canadian Press

MINNEAPOLIS – Norman Powell and the Toronto Raptors took one final thrust to outrun the Minnesota Timberwolves Powell hit a season high of 31 points and the Raptors beat the Timberwolves 86-81 on Friday night, finishing the game 11-0 Run Toronto (15-15) scored his third straight 500 win for the first time after the start of Season 1-6 Powell has averaged 228 points in his last 14 games, including four games with 28 points or more Although his offensive posts make headlines said Toronto coach Nick Nurse, Powell was doing a lot more than just a goal “He was a prime-time player. He’s at his best since he got here,” said the nurse of the sixth-year watch. “That means being two -Way player He plays great, his shooting is great, he explodes to the brim, but he also did some tough matchups and he handled it. His all-round play was good “Karl-Anthony Towns led Minnesota by 19 points and 13 rebounds at Malik Beasley scored 13 and Jordan McLaughlin had 11 Minnesota lost its third straight win since its victory in Toronto on Sunday In that victory over the Raptors, the Timberwolves scored a four-point in the third quarter Half-time deficit overcome with a 37-point lightning bolt On Friday they celebrated an even more dramatic comeback. After 19 points behind, the Wolves fought their way back into the game with a 16-0 run in the middle of the third quarter. Jake Layman had a dunk during the course and a 3-pointer, making the game tied at 57, Minnesota led 81-75 to play at 3:30 when Toronto took over Fred VanVleet hit two free throws, Powell hit on a transition layup and Pascal Siakam threw a bind dunk at Minnesotas Towns was asked for a moving screen at the next possession, and at the other end, Terence Davis hit his third 3-pointer of the quarter, by 30 seconds to score 84-81 before the end of the game The Wolves had a chance to tie it but Beasley’s 3-pointer was short and Davis hit two free throws for Toronto The Timberwolves were empty in their last eight possessions and VanVleet noted it was refreshing one Win game with strong defense “Our offense has carried us most of the nights but it’s probably harder to win that way,” said VanVleet. “If that score had been 120-125 I don’t know which way it’s going. But I like the fact that we got stuck “The Raptors played a second game in a row without point guard Kyle Lowry (sprained thumb) and dominated the first half thanks in part to Minnesota’s cold shooting. At one point, the Wolves missed 18 direct 3-point points before they the final two of the second quarter hit to finish the half 3 for 22 behind the arch BRINGING THE THUNDER Minnesota freshman Anthony Edwards, the # 1 draft pick for 2020, had a dunk for the ages towards the end of the third quarter after Edwards Having corrected a pass on the left wing, he saw a clear path to the basket along the baseline. Two dribbles later he reached the alley where he got from Toronto’s Yuta Watanabe No problem Edwards ran over the defender and threw down a vicious right-handed dunk “This is probably the best dunk I’ve ever seen with my own eyes,” said Timberwolves striker Jaden McDaniels Edwards didn’t want to talk about the dunk he was concerned about Minnesota’s loss and his 3v14 night off the field, including missing all seven of his 3-point attempts.After his media duties were done, the rookie returned to the target center and worked another 15 minutes on his TIP-INS jump shot Raptors: The nurse said he didn’t expect a lengthy absence for Lowry, who averages 17, 7 points and 64 assists per game. Striker Patrick McCaw was available for the first time in 11 months after recovering from surgery for one remove benign mass from his leg. He entered the game in the middle of the second quarter and received a standing ovation from s a teammate on the bench Timberwolves: Layman, who started the first three games of the season in Minnesota, had seen his playing time run out lately for the first time in the six games, coming off the bench, finishing with eight points in 13 Minutes UP NEXT The Raptors return to their temporary home in Tampa, Florida for the first of two direct games against the 76ers on Sunday. The teams will meet again on Tuesday, also at the Amalie Arena. The Timberwolves will travel to New York on Sunday to compete against the Knicks ___ More AP NBA: https: // apnewscom / NBA and https: // twittercom / AP_Sports Patrick Donnelly, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Kawhi Leonard scored 29 points, Reserve Lou Williams had 19, and the Los Angeles Clippers split from Utah 116-112 on Friday night, snapping jazz’s winning streak in nine games.The Clippers retaliated an 18- two nights earlier Points loss to Utah when starters Leonard, Paul George and Nicolas Batum were out. George had 15 points on his return after an absence of seven games with an injured toe. Donovan Mitchell scored 29 of his 35 points for the NBA leader in the second half Jazz, who lost for the second time in the last 22 games, Bojan Bogdanovic added 23 points, reserve Jordan Clarkson had 19 points and Rudy Gobert had 15 rebounds as Utah fell to 24-6 The Clippers received 3 points from Marcus Morris and in time Patrick Beverley, who scored two hits in the fourth game. Beverley’s consecutive long distance baskets extended their lead to 107-94, ending a 20-10 Run The Jazz Wasn’t Finished They closed on 112-110 on consecutive 3-pointers from Mitchell Beverley and Leonard made four free throws together that kept the Clippers in the lead between 116-110. George fouled Mitchell on a 3-point attempt , and Mitchell took the first two by 2 seconds, deliberately missing the third and Royce O’Neale grabbed the offensive rebound but missed the buzzer.The Clippers were leading by 15 points in the second quarter and were down 10 by the beginning of the third quarter Points moved up just to see the jazz tie it Mitchell scored 12 of the first 15 points in Utah, seven of them in a row. Neither team led by more than five points the remainder of the third Leonard, who after three missed games with an injured leg returned, carried the Clippers with 14 points in the quarter after only 12 in the first half. His two free throws sent Los Angeles into the fourth lead en 79-75 TIP-INS Jazz: Mike Conley finished his return on 16 points after missing six games They’re 2-1 against LA this season, fell 11-4 on the road. Clippers: Leonard was All-Star Game Selected as Starter for West Next Month in Atlanta It will be his fifth career appearance to be a starter every time He was named MVP last year, scoring 30 points in West’s victory UP NEXT Jazz: Host Charlotte Hornets on Monday Clippers: Host Brooklyn Nets on Sunday ___ More AP NBA: https: // apnewscom / hub / NBA and https: // twittercom / AP_Sports Beth Harris, The Associated Press

CALGARY – The Edmonton Oilers relied on defense rather than their goalscorers to beat hosts Calgary Flames 2-1 on Friday. Gaetan Haas scored the eventual winner in the second half and Jesse Puljujarvi scored his fifth goal in his last seven games for Edmonton (11-8-0) The Oilers goalkeeper Mike Smith averted 20 shots for his third win in four starts The NHL’s two top scorers – Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl – were saved without a point on the Edmonton defense, which was seen as a weakness earlier in the season , was strong on Friday. “We’re going to take the points as far as we can,” said Oilers forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. “It probably wasn’t our best win but sometimes it goes down and you just have to work it out” I thought , Smitty and our D-Corp were really solid tonight, not giving you too many good opportunities “This will be a tightly vetted department when it comes down to it I know it was some kind of highscoring but it won’t always be like that” Defender Rasmus Andersson scored for Calgary (8-8-1) David Rittich made 23 saves in his third start of the season. The flames gave Jacob Markstrom a breather after playing seven games in a row Others and 14 of Calgary’s first 16 had started The Oilers knotted the Battle of Alberta 1-1 that season ahead of Saturday’s rematch in Edmonton The flames sat 6-4 through 6 in the first of their 10 meetings in the Northern Division on February The two clubs teamed up for over 100 minutes in their last clash last season, but the provincial rivalry has been slow to settle in 2020-21.Calgary and Edmonton joined forces on Friday for five minors The Flames went at three power play chances goalless and the Oilers went 2-0 after Wednesday’s 5-1 home loss to the Vancouver Canucks, Flames head coach Geoff Ward said he wanted more emotion from his squad he felt it was in that area on Friday gave small wins “We sure have more to give,” said Ward. “It was a step in the right direction, but we can still be better” We have to Find a way to generate a little more to move us forward”In some places there was some (emotion) In other places we need even more despair” There sure wasn’t a lot of ice out there We know how to play to get through It’s just a matter of putting our minds on it and getting it done “Haas made it 2-0 for the visitors at 5:55 pm of the second period Andersson halved the deficit 45 seconds later Calgary center Sean Monahan was injured with a lower body injury that put Johnny Gaudreau in line with center Elias Lindholm and right winger Dillon Dube shifted Gaudreau decoded Tyson Barrie in the corner and went to Andersson to hit Smith’s glove with a wrist shot.Rittich initially saved Haas, but got into a lying teammate Noah Hanifin when Haas tried the puck over the goalkeeper’s right pad on a second attempt hurled Calgary followed for the tenth time in 17 games after the first half. Barrie ran the puck low to Calgary’s vertei and fed an all sole Puljujarvi on Rittich’s doorstep at 5:41 a.m. of the first period Flamestar Sam Bennett didn’t play in the third period and had a total of six and a half minutes of ice time in the game Ward declined to say why Bennett’s agent said last month The striker was dissatisfied with his role on the team. Additional information: Oilers defender Darnell Nurse played 30 minutes in the game Edmonton striker Zack Kassian was injured for the fifth consecutive time He has been injured since battling Ottawa’s Erik Gudbranson stopped playing as of February 8 This report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 19, 2021 Donna Spencer, The Canadian Press

CALGARY – Kerri Einarson started where she left off at the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship.The defending champions started Friday night at the Markin MacPhail Center with a comfortable 7-3 win over Mackenzie Zacharias due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was Einarson’s first competition appearance in about a year. “I played a runback on my first throw) I was just hoping to get in touch, “she said with a laugh. With cardboard fan cutouts occupying the front rows at the spectator-free venue, the preliminary round started on a four-game schedule when elite curling returned after a long absence.” It feels great, “said Einarson.” It’s quiet, that’s for sure I don’t think I’ll lose my vote this week. “Einarson won the Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2020 in Moose Jaw, Sask but didn’t play in March last year The Women’s World Cup after it was canceled due to the pandemic.Only a handful of bon games completed in the last year.Some provincial / territorial championships have been played in recent weeks, but many teams have been invited to Hearts by their respective associations in other Draw 1 – Northwest Territories’s Kerry Galusha had an 8-7 decision against Northern Ontar’s Krysta Burns io falling Laura Walker of Alberta defeated Jill Brothers of Nova Scotia 10-5 and Beth Peterson of the wildcard dropped Laura Eby of Yukon 10-2 “It felt good to have our feet safely under us,” said Peterson The event will mark the season debut for multiple players as travel restrictions, COVID-19 concerns and club closings have hampered the regular calendar Changed rules and adjustments were made in parts of the country when the sport returned this season, but regular play – for example, two sweepers could be used – was in effect Friday night Team substitutes, coaches and referees wore face masks near team benches Many players wore masks during training sessions but took them off for game actions Many curling traditions became at this annual event avoided for the 2021 competition So there was no opening ceremony, no bagpipes and no Han Post-game dshakes.One notable change was that electronic pig line sensors on the stone handles were not used due to delays in equipment as a result of the pandemic.The honor system was in place and officials can watch the pig line upon request, Curling Canada said curlers will be between the hotel and The venue moved back and forth to maintain the bubble setting.The players recently had three COVID-19 tests and another round of testing is scheduled for the next few days.Enarson’s Manitoba-based team held the No. 1 spot in the country when the national ranking system ended the year Paused last season, she was in full control of Zacharias, a 2020 junior world champion who won the second of three wildcard entries in the 18-team expanded field, with three draws scheduled for Saturday round robin game will be in through Thursday evening the pools with nine teams nt The championship pool begins February 26 and a three-team playoff setup will lead to the final on February 28 The winner will secure a spot in the Olympic Trials in November and return as Team Canada at the 2022 Hearts Ordinarily, champion Canada would too represented at the Women’s World Cup The event in late March in Switzerland, which was supposed to serve as the main qualification for the Olympics, was recently canceled, however, the World Curling Federation is expected to set up a replacement event for the early fall of next season if it does the Canadian representatives would be determined at a later date and the national champions would be “included” in the decision. The Tim Hortons Brier, 5 until 14 March will be next in the bubble. A total of six competitions will be held in the hub environment by the end of April. This report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 19, 2021. Follow @GregoryStrongCP on Twitter The Canadian Press

Connor McDavid

World News – FI – What makes Connor McDavid’s 500-point milestone so much more impressive

Source: https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/the-circumstances-make-connor-mc-davids-latest-miletstone-that-much-more-special-172544590.html