When Apple introduced its iPhone 12 series this year, there was a fourth entry that surprised and delighted many Apple fans: the tiny iPhone 12 mini For many, this was the iPhone they had been on Waiting for the days of the iPhone 5s – an iPhone in your pocket that matched the specifications of Apple’s larger models

Even the hugely successful original iPhone SE, launched in 2016, only satisfied part of that desire for a more compact iPhone, as Apple kept the original 4-inch iPhone 5s form factor and packaged it in the same A9 chip as The contemporary iPhone 6s was, in every other respect, merely a refurbishment of the iPhone 2013, with the better cameras and display technology of the larger 4 missing in particular, 7-inch and 55-inch contemporaries

This left users with a difficult choice of whether to opt for a smaller phone with the latest features or bite the ball and upgrade to the now standard 4-7-inch model – the size that will continue in the next four Years would represent the iPhone product line

When the iPhone 12 mini was introduced, it naturally became a breath of fresh air. The 5-inch edge-to-edge display made the iPhone 12 mini almost the same size as the classic 4-inch iPhone 5-era design as this earlier model was hindered by large bezels above and below the screen, packaged in exactly the same features as the 61-inch iPhone 12 – a size that has become the new standard for Apple’s most popular iPhone in recent years. Models, starting with the surprise launch of the iPhone XR in 2018

Additionally, the iPhone 12 mini cost $ 100 less than the standard 61-inch iPhone 12, so it should be a clear winner in most cases, but in reality, iPhone 12 mini adoption hasn’t been as high as expected by many Sales of the standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro didn’t hit the charts, demand shattered expectations, and both models quickly climbed to the top two best-selling 5G smartphones in the world, while the iPhone 12 mini has gotten a lot slower to start with the comparison

In fact, Flurry Analytics named the iPhone 12 mini as the least popular iPhone launch week for the past three years, and concluded that consumers may not think a pocket-friendly device is as important as many people seemed to think especially since there are always at least some compromises – even if it is only about smaller screen sizes

Even so, there may be many other reasons why demand for the iPhone 12 mini has been low and we’re not ready to count a 5.4-inch iPhone model straight out of the running

Analysts and Apple enthusiasts who follow every step of the company knew months before Apple even announced the new iPhones that the smaller form factor was coming – in fact, reliable reports surfaced early on that Apple was working on a smaller iPhone in 2019, although it wasn’t always easy to understand at the time

Even so, it is easy for those of us who follow the industry to assume that every consumer who bought a new iPhone 12 knew in October that a smaller version was about to be launched, but it’s important to get on with it Remember, although Apple announced the entire lineup at its October event, it was only the 61-inch models that went on sale immediately

This meant that many customers who walked into an Apple store – or worse, a carrier store – looking for a new iPhone would only have found two models, both in the 61-inch sizes that were more or less to the Having become the standard for modern iPhones, some suggest that this was the entirety of this year’s iPhone lineup

Even customers who had heard of the smaller iPhone 12 mini on the horizon had no way of comparing sizes and may have opted for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 instead of waiting to see what the smaller model is about goes

As many vendors have some really great deals on the new iPhone 12 models, many customers may also have been urged to pick up the new models right away, fearing they might not get the same deal later in November >

Finally, in October, a customer was able to walk into many carrier stores or even big box retailers and trade in their old smartphone for a “free” iPhone 12, although we now know that these deals go way beyond the release of the iPhone 12 mini continued, the apparent urgency of these deals has likely contributed to at least some impulse buying

Also note that there is no iPhone 12 Pro mini on its premium iPhone models, Apple went the other way with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, increasing the size to a gigantic 67 inches

Customers looking for the advanced features of the iPhone 12 Pro like the much better camera system would not even have considered the iPhone 12 mini as an option

While the iPhone 12 is still clearly the top-selling model of the two, the fact that the iPhone 12 Pro took a very solid second place in the overall market share of 5G smartphones suggests that a significant portion of the Apple Customer base wasn’t even out for the iPhone 12 mini yet, but we really don’t know if they would have jumped to an iPhone 12 Pro mini if ​​there had been such a thing

Most iPhone users stick with their devices for at least two years, and sometimes even longer, meaning very few people who bought an iPhone 11 last year are ready to upgrade to the iPhone 12 mini, even if they do Really like the smaller form factor, they more or less force things like carrier contracts and other upgrade programs to wait for the “iPhone 13 mini” to arrive next year

This means that there is likely still a lot of demand for the smaller iPhone that just hasn’t shown up yet

If at least some regular iPhone 12 buyers didn’t know about the iPhone 12 mini even in October, it is certain that no one outside the world of Apple watchers knew it was coming when Apple introduced its second-generation iPhone SE deferred in spring

While at least some quarters had hoped the next-generation iPhone SE would be a iteration of the smaller form factor of its 2016 predecessor when the iPhone 8-like design arrived earlier this year, many took that as a sign that the The day of the smaller iPhones had come to a resounding end

This would also have encouraged those looking for a cheaper iPhone to just jump on the new iPhone SE, which is still smaller than Apple’s 6 1-inch iPhone models, and even if the iPhone 12 mini is in October suddenly looked more attractive, few people who were even in the market for an inexpensive iPhone will be able to replace it less than six months later

In addition to the iPhone SE, Apple has many more affordable options on the market, so the appeal of the iPhone 12 mini isn’t really about the price

Sure, it’s $ 100 less than the 61-inch iPhone 12, but you can still get last year’s iPhone 11 for $ 100 less, and the two-year-old iPhone XR for as much as 200 And then, of course, there’s the 2020 iPhone SE, which is available at $ 399 with the same A13 chip as the 2019 iPhone 11

More than ever, Apple has a really solid and appealing range of affordable iPhones that cater to everyone, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 12 mini isn’t a lot in terms of what you get for the price, but this price tag is certainly anything but the most convincing thing about it

The iPhone 12 mini is also uncharted territory for many iPhone customers. Sure, Apple says it has all of the same features as the 61-inch iPhone 12, but there is always uncertainty as to whether or not this is really the case there may be hidden compromises

For comparison, the 6-inch version is now a tried and true form factor that many iPhone owners have become much more familiar with, making it feel like a far safer choice than the first version of the smaller iPhone from Apple

It also quickly became apparent that the iPhone 12 mini had a pretty big compromise when compared to its bigger sibling in the form of shorter battery life

While this doesn’t mean the tiny iPhone 12 can’t keep up – most users should still have no trouble getting through a typical day – it would be enough to put some people off, or at least make them reconsider, whether it was really worth it to have a smaller iPhone

For most people, smartphones are not the same devices as they were four or five years ago.While a 4-inch screen was suitable for many users as early as 2016 and many more people are expecting to be able to watch videos and play games on their iPhones , it is possible that a smaller screen is no longer suitable for many people people

While the 5-inch edge-to-edge display on the iPhone 12 mini is much larger than the tiny 4-inch display on the iPhone SE 2016, it is still 24% smaller than the 61-inch screen, which has become the de facto standard in recent years due to the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 in short, people are now used to the larger screens and many users would be reluctant to return to what they thought was a cramped screen just to have a smaller iPhone

This is also due to the fact that Apple released the iPhone 12 mini later, so customers don’t get a real side-by-side comparison of the new devices to judge for themselves – unless of course they were willing to wait November to buy a new iPhone 12

At this point, sales of the iPhone 12 mini are only suggesting that things are starting to be slower However, this does not mean that the numbers will not increase in the New Year In fact, most analysts haven’t even calculated December sales, so some of the sales over the Christmas season have been left out, and the iPhone 12 mini could still turn out to be the dark horse in Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup

Also, Apple must have almost certainly known that the iPhone 12 mini was released so much later than the 6-inch iPhone 12 would have a negative impact on sales as many customers push to get what first available first instead of waiting to see what’s next

In a future where global virus pandemics aren’t slowing Apple’s production lines down, we can pretty safely expect all of the different iPhone sizes to launch at the same time, ensuring customers can make a more informed decision side by side when choosing a new one iPhone

Regardless of how iPhone 12 Mini sales go this year, it would be extremely premature to think of this as the coffin nail for smaller iPhones. Apple doesn’t make product decisions on a whim and now that it’s developing one Trying to make the smaller iPhone model, it’s a very safe bet that it will be with us for a while

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