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This is Part 2 of the latest SB Nation Reacts poll results, which ended last Thursday. In this part, we go beyond fan trust and some questions about the team, be it with the product on the pitch or the fan -Experience

I wanted the SB Nation Reacts team to add this question before the current three-game winning streak, however, I don’t think the results of this question would have changed in any way

It’s pretty clear why nearly 50 percent of Wizards fans want the team to hold back on moving when they’re not sure Washington will make the playoffs and / or that General Manager Tommy Sheppard will be fired after this season , you probably made this choice because you would prefer his successor to take steps such as trading Bradley Beal to another team, among others

But if you didn’t want Sheppard to hold back, especially when he more or less knows he’ll be back next season, maybe now is the time to be active to see what the market really is For Beal it is certain that the Wizards could be tied to playoffs, but a deep entry into the final of the Eastern Conference does not seem likely

62 percent of you believe the wizards should be playing games with fans if and when the DC. Government Allow It Currently, the wizards do not do this because the government does not

If the government allows sports venues to have fans, partly because coronavirus cases have declined and the population is increasingly vaccinated, it should come as no surprise why the Wizards and other teams playing in D.C. like MSE’s own Capitals and Mystics, MLB’s Nationals, and MLS DC United would follow suit.Ticket revenue still makes up a significant portion of revenue.Although capacity is limited, it’s better than 20 percent, 20 percent of gate revenue received

I also had an article yesterday about whether the Wizards should have a home game or maybe two at the entertainment and sports arena, which is in the same complex as their practice facility. Most of you agreed that the team should / p>

In the comments of yesterday’s post, some of you believe that Capital One Arena can still be a better venue than ESA as it is a bigger venue and offers more social distance, and I felt the results were That poll would be shifted toward “No” a lot, so I was a bit surprised that the results shifted toward “Yes” ”

First, the assistants are already familiar with the ESA because the practice facility is next door. Second, I was thinking more about the angle “east of the river” after NBA games, even with fans, they won’t have many games this year ESA is located in Station 8 near many of DC.The lowest income neighborhoods and not close to the many trendy restaurants, CrossFit gyms, and grocery stores in an increasingly gentrified neighborhood

I thought the people who would go to this game would be people who work, live, and serve wards 7 and 8, both east of the river and in areas compared to those in downtown, near Nationals Park, and living in downtown, are underserved in the far western areas on the border of Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Md

2019 will not be 4Giving 200 people like a Mystics game but with a 10 percent capacity I don’t think the size and capacity of the arena will significantly change the risk of contracting the coronavirus But I’m not a health professional so someone can correct me and I’ll be happy to update it

That’s all I have for this week’s SB Nation Reacts results. Got a question you’d like to take part in next week? Feel free to share it in the comments along with different answer options


World News – FI – Wizards fans split while holding back on roster moves, a hypothetical ESA game

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